Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon, Elections 2016
Get to know Trump's new campaign Chief, Stephen Bannon. Image credit: The Resurgent.

There is a new controversial member in the Trump Tower. Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon is joining the team as the campaign chief executive, and he takes the standard rule of hating  “The Establishment” to new boundaries.

Bannon has no political experience to lead the team through the final stage but is the chief of a fiery right-wing and pro-trump media outlet.

Donald Trump’s recent actions and decisions have led many journalists and political analyst to think Trump’s endgame might not be the White House. There is a growing sense in Washington and New York that the candidate is about drawing audiences to itself for further media business rather than bringing voters to the ballot box.

During the presidential race, Trump has bragged about his social media influence, TV ratings and magazine covers, while, at the same time, complaining about networks getting rich off his candidacy. He once gave 20 hours of questions for an upcoming book to reporters of the The Washington Post, a media he banned from his rallies.

Is Trump really running for president? 

Trump has always been a TV creature, both courting and criticizing the press while being one of the most televised celebrities in New York City.

On a 2013 conference at National Data Club, Bannon said: “We don’t really believe there is a functional conservative party in this country, and we certainly don’t think the Republican Party is that.”

He spent recent years preaching against “Washington Republican Insiders” as the host of a daily radio morning show on SiriusXM. Amongst his favorite targets are House Speaker Paul Ryan, who he labels as a liberal globalist trying to outsource American work sources to foreign Islamist nations; and classic GOP faces like the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and Senator John McCain.

Needless to say, the recent addition to Trump’s campaign team can result in a complete separation from the very limited Republican support he has. One of his biggest supporters is RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, and he is close friends with Paul Ryan. It could be difficult for John McCain and the House Speaker to work alongside one of their biggest critics in the media.

Let Trump be Trump 

Shannon’s recruitment raises questions whether or not Trump will indeed wage a campaign against Hillary Clinton.

With less than three months to the election, Trump made the third change at the top of the campaign structure.  First, he swapped out a politics rookie, Corey Lewandowsky, for Lobby Paul Manafort in an attempt to get along with the senior members of the Republican Party. But now, it seems Trump is going back to his original campaign style.

Former chief Paul Manafort will stay on the team, but she lost a lot of influence. According to The Washington Post, the decision intends to stop Manafort’s efforts to change Trump’s campaign style. The Republican Candidate had reportedly begun to feel “controlled.”

This is where the third change on the team comes into play. Kellyanne Conway, a longtime Trump associate, was promoted to campaign manager on Thursday.

Under her banner, the campaign will gain a simple focus: “let Trump be Trump.”


Source: The Daily Beast