Donald Trump goes rampant on losing support
Donald Trump goes rampant on losing support. Image credit: The Libertarian Republic

Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons again. 

With a series of statements about the reelection of House Speaker, Paul Ryan, and Arizona Senator John McCain, the businessman has encouraged attorney and Republican running mate, Mike Pence, to distance himself from Trump.

In addition, Mr. Trump had a baby removed from a rally event and made new comments about his feud with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of the fallen Muslim U.S Army captain, Humayun Khan.

Donald Trump is taking down his allies, and he might end alone the rest of the race

On an interview with The Washington post on Tuesday, Donald Trump refused to support House Speaker and the former Republican nominee, Paul Ryan, and Arizona veteran Senator John McCain for primary elections next week. 

McCain has not been a supporter of Trump since the beginning of his campaign, while Mr. Ryan has stated he would support the businessman even he doesn’t agree with him because it’s his duty to serve the Republican party. However, Donald Trump said the political party needed strong leadership, and that Paul Ryan “was not there yet.”.

But Trump´s refusal to support his colleagues has resulted in a potential split from running mate Mike Pence, who today made clear his endorsement for Paul Ryan, a long time friend of the attorney, saying that Donald Trump encouraged him to do this by not backing up the House speaker.

Trump continues to lash out at the Khan family

The presidential candidate also continues his clash with the Khan family after Trump made controversial statements about the possible reason for Ghazala Khan to stay quiet during her husband’s anti-Trump speech at the DNC convention last week. 

The father of the dead U.S soldier clarified in an interview that the cause of his wife’s silence was the pain of losing her son. Regardless, Mr. Trump told the Washington post that he had no regrets about his words. 

This translated into a memo passed to the campaign staff that instructed surrogates to be grateful for the sacrifice made by the Khan family but also aware that Trump “had the right to defend himself.”

Trump kicked out a crying baby out of one of his rallies

Many of Donald Trump`s advisors and supporters have urged him to focus on more important matters and aspects of the campaign, mainly the defeating of Hillary Clinton on the coming elections.

Other Republicans have actively criticized Trump for his views on foreign and domestic policies. Liesl Hickey, a Republican strategist, passed a ‘battle plan’ among the members of the party to ensure unity and beat Clinton in the elections. However, the strategy doesn’t include supporting Donald Trump

The famous businessman has been controversial since the campaign started. Which is why he was never a favorite among his own party, but he has been successful with the people. Yet, he made the headlines a couple of days ago for having a crying baby expelled out one of his rallies.

Source: The New York Times