Conair's Turbo ExtremeSteam review.
Conair's Turbo ExtremeSteam review. Image: YouTube.

Conair’s new handheld fabric steamer, the Turbo ExtremeSteam (model CON GS38) is already available for purchase at most retailers and their official online store, starting at $79.99.

Conair has been one of the most recognizable brands in garment care and hygiene products in the United States for more than fifty years. They are advertising the Turbo ExtremeSteam as the “most powerful” on the market.

Handheld steamers have become increasingly popular throughout the country for their ability to mimic and even improve upon regular pressing with an iron, emerging as the current standard in the fashion industry and dry cleaning business.

Specs and features

Conair does not advertise this handheld steamer for extended procedures but short instances of fast home dry cleaning, working as a handy tool for customers who are about to go out and wish to have their selected clothing in perfect condition.

The Turbo ExtremeSteam, however, not only takes the wrinkles out of most fabrics but also presses and freshens the garment. The 1550-watt steamer has two modes, a standard setting, and a Turbo boost that cuts the steaming and pressing time in half.

This model reaches steaming temperature in approximately 40 seconds, getting 50% hotter than previous models and achieving 67% faster results with 50% more steam ejection from trademark Advanced Steam Technology.

As stated above, it comes with 7.3-ounce (200ml) water tank that allows it to heat efficiently for a 15-minute period.

The Turbo ExtremeSteam works better than an iron

The Turbo ExtremeSteam has a quilted aluminum steamer plate covering its front vent. This feature allows the device to produce a pressing effect consistent with that of a standard iron.

The steamer also comes with a set of useful accessories such as a built-in creaser that is perfect for pleats and folds, and an attachment that gives it a silicone band to pull the taut in the material, a fabric spacer for finer clothes and a bristle brush for heavier garments.

This combination of design features makes the Turbo ExtremeSteam a money and energy saving alternative to garment care for rapid pressing with like-new results.

How to use the Turbo ExtremeSteam properly

Use distilled water when possible to keep the steamer from building a mineral deposit in the water tank. Also, nozzle upright for better steaming results. Hold the fabric taut from the bottom to keep it firm and steam it with short strokes.

Conair recommends to start at the lower part of the garment and move up to the top for a better finish. If a customer is unsure as to whether they should use it on a particular garment, try steaming a small corner on the standard setting and compare with the rest.

The handheld steamer’s design will not damage any fabric, nevertheless. Turning clothes upside down and steaming them that way is also a way to produce excellent results while protecting what other people will see.

Source: Conair