California – Comic-Con 2016 is ongoing, and today, DC Studios unveiled the official Justice League movie trailer. It presents many characters, but not Superman.

The Comic-Con started yesterday at the San Diego Convention Center, and the organizers are working hard to make it an unforgettable experience this year. There is a little bit of everyone to enjoy including cosplay, press conferences, special stands, and much more. But most people attend the event to see what’s new with their favorite shows and movies.

Yesterday, AMC presented The Walking Dead season 7 trailer, but today it is all about superheroes. Justice League got its official trailer, and it introduced Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. However, there are no signs of the Man of Steel in the trailer, but he will show up later.

The trailer looks good, but the plot doesn’t seem to be very original

The Justice League has more than one origin story, in fact, there are many plots including one in which Batman and Superman are not in the league. The trailer presented at the Comic-Con seems to mix some of the previous background stories and adds an extra element that was not present in the comic. Still, the 2:48-minute video looks like more of the same.

The Justice League movie continues the timeline established by Batman VS Superman. The Dark Knight discovered a powerful enemy is coming to earth, and along with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), he is looking to assemble a group of warriors with unique abilities. It is impossible not to remember the X-Men, The A-Team, Expendables and many other similar movies after listening to the plot.

Ray Fisher (left) and Ezra MIller (right) at the Justice League movie set. Image credit:
Ray Fisher (left) and Ezra Miller (right) at the Justice League movie set. Image credit:

Aquaman likes alcohol, and Flash is a forever alone geek, and Cyborg makes fun of Batman

The teaser begins with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) arriving a little fishing community where he starts taunting the king of Atlantis which doesn’t seem like a good idea because Jason Momoa looks very tough as the new Aquaman.

With his usual style, Wayne tells the Atlantean about the upcoming threat, and how he wants to form a squad to defend the world to which the bearded man responds in a rather violent manner. He is basically the one that refuses to join the super team at the beginning but ends up joining anyways. However, this cast selection was particularly well received by the fan community, probably because they wanted to see more of Khal Drogo.

In contrast, Ezra Miller didn’t generate a lot of love in social media. He is going to be the new Flash, and since the movie focuses on the league’s founding members, he is supposed to be Barry Allen. The teaser presents a Flash that is really into computers, and apparently, doesn’t have a lot of friends, and most fans didn’t like it. The comic character is rather confident and social, but they will have to give Miller a chance. Based on the trailer, Allen is so fast he generates electricity when he moves ultra-fast.

Ray Fisher is going to bring Cyborg to the big screen. He appears for a couple of seconds which is not enough to judge his looks. However, it seems the director chose CGI to complement the character, and although he didn’t talk much, he had sufficient time to make fun of the Dark Knight.

The teaser features Batman and Princess Diana coming back from retirement, a young Flash, a CGI Cyborg, and a grumpy Aquaman that drinks alcohol. All in all, it looks the like the Justice League movie is going to be good, but not very original.

Source: E! Online