CloudBees launches enterprise solution based on Jenkins 2
ClouBees announced its new Jenkins based platform at the Jenkins conference in Santa Clara. Image credit: App Solve Tech.

Cloudbees announced its new enterprise solution

U.S. Santa Clara, Calif. – CloudBess Inc., the conglomerate of enterprises Jenkins and DevOps, announced the second version of the CloudBess Jenkins Platform, ready to go to businesses for corporate clients.

CloudBees is an open-source platform that provides solutions for automating software development and delivery. The upgrade has gone through rigorous testing, and it was verified by Jenkins. The new platform is ready to hit the corporate market.

The company announced the release this week in Jenkins World conference in Santa Clara, California. They said the distribution underwent an extended verification process called the CloudBees Assurance Program.

The program ensures a stable and certified software along with curated extensions for the community and third-party developers, all of which are also certified as part of the update. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is available inside the CloudBees Jenkins Platform. The standalone version will be available soon, and anyone can register on the company’s website.

The idea behind Jenkins 2 new update 

CloudBees assures they are giving their most feature-rich, reliable and secure Jenkins-based web-solutions platform yet. To make it so, they will also distribute a standalone product that won’t rely on open-source developing.

“Open source software provides the fastest innovation and taps the immense power of many talented, passionate and creative developers dedicated to solving problems, but their focus is rarely on enterprise capabilities.” said CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey.

With the release, the company’s DevOps team will take care of operational dashboards, upgrades, updates, utilities, and access to relevant information needed to supporting the Jenkins platform.

Overall, the upgrade delivers essential new abilities necessary to enterprise software developer groups.

Jenkins 2 platform features

Jenkins 2 platform releases a Jenkins 2 core, a more powerful, native software code automation for continuous delivery of solutions and improvements.

The BeeKeeper Upgrade Assistant offers a digital assistant that avoids delays caused by the incompatibility of unverified open source code and plugins. BeeKeeper will guide administrators with warnings and specific recommendations about compatible components with the CloudBees system.

The Operational Dashboard for Large-Scale Jenkins Operations is a dashboard for the Private SaaS edition that enables the same service the DevOps team uses to track Jenkins pipeline activity and resource utilization.

The company also revamped the CloudBees Network (CBN), the knowledge network of the platform. Now it offers a vast data of technical information for both customers and developers about the Jenkins 2.

Source: Business Wire