Many celebrities are dedicating plenty of their time on reminding Americans to vote on November 8th to choose who's going to seat in the White House after Obama's presidency. Image Source: TV Guide

With the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections, many celebrities  are making public statements stating their preferenced candidate for this year’s presidency in the United States. Popular celebrities have been posting their political views and preferences for the past few months while everyone is choosing a side as November 8th draws nearer.

Nonetheless, comedians and celebrity icons have shown their political inclination through mash-up songs and funny sketches. From Jimmy Fallon to Tila Tequila, all personalities from TV and movies have sided with either Trump or Clinton by now.

Consequently, here’s a top-ten list of the ones who we consider to be the most influential. Five for Hillary Clinton, five for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump goes rampant on losing support
Donald Trump goes rampant on losing support. Image credit: The Libertarian Republic

Hillary Clinton’s celebrity supporters

The actor Robert Downey Jr. starred in an anti-Trump video released a week ago and was accompanied by many of his Avenger’s cast-mates, including Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, and Mark Ruffalo. The Save-The-Day campaign featured other “minor” celebrities and was not really pro-Hillary (no candidate is mentioned by name) but fiercely encouraged people to vote and contained various hints against the Republican nominee.

In march, George Clooney took part in two dinners for the Democratic candidate. On the first one, a donation of $353,400 gave any couple of guests the right to sit at the table with Clinton, himself and his wife at the Bay Area fundraiser on April 16, hosted by Shervin Pishevar, a venture capitalist. The second one was at Clooney’s mansion in Los Angeles.

Tickets were selling at $33,400 and a large number of famous celebrities also attended.

Katy Perry appeared at a Des Moines’ rally for Clinton in October of last year and more recently performed at another Democratic event in July. Both times she wore outfits resembling the American flag and patched with Clinton’s campaign logo. She also voiced her support many times on social media and in non-political events.

The renowned singer Beyoncé has not made any relevant comments regarding her current political affiliations, but she appeared at a Clinton fundraiser in New York on May of last year. Her influence, according to various sources, might prove decisive for the presidential nominee, even if her support is reduced to a small appearance.

A picture tweeted by Kim Kardashian in August 2015, showed her and her husband, Kanye West, smiling along with the candidate. They have also donated money to her campaign in previous occasions. However, unproved rumors have also arisen of Kanye West actually supporting her Republican opponent and Kardashian was recently rumored to be on the fence after discussing the subject with Caitlyn Jenner.

Celebrities supporting Donald Trump

The Academy award winner Clint Eastwood recently stated in an interview that his vote would most likely go to Donald Trump. With a position arguably more anti-Hillary than pro-Trump, he could be hailed as the most recognizable figure on the Republican candidate’s side.

Famed boxer Myke Tyson remarked that his support came from the view that a change was needed after Obama, that it was time to again try something new. The interview went on air last year. In January he reiterated his ongoing support on another interview, this time for the Daily Beast.


Asian reality star and known Nazi supporter Tila Tequila has expressed his affinity for Trump many times since the businessman announced his candidacy. The National Policy Institute, a known American white nationalist movement, recently asked her to host one of their events, also in support of the Republican candidate.

The singer Kid Rock told Rolling Stone he’s currently ‘digging’ the candidate on February. He cited various economic concerns as the main reason and made many comments that resemble those spoken by Mike Tyson. As of today, he has not addressed the subject again.

Jon Voight stated his support for the candidate two days ago, in an interview with Fox News. He also introduced Trump at the Values Voter Summit in Washington and, according to the Huffington Post, compared him to Mother Teresa and Albert Schweitzer.

Source: AMNY