Apple and Cisco CEOs on stage. Image: YouTube.

On Monday at Cisco Live 2017, CEO Chuck Robbins was joined on stage by Apple CEO Tim Cook to talk about their partnership and the importance of enterprise network security. To safeguard it, the two companies announced the Cisco Security Connector for iOS launching Fall 2017.

The upcoming Security Connector is a software solution designed to enhance visibility, control, and privacy of enterprise-owned iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. The ultimate goal is to provide the safest and most seamless organizational experience possible.

Most of the announcements at Cisco Live 2017 rely on the recently introduced intuitive network of the company, a new platform powered by intent, informed by context, and capable of intuition to learn, adapt, and keep proprietary systems secure at all times.

The Cisco Security Connector bolsters cyber security on iOS

The partnership between Apple and Cisco is primarily based on infrastructure security at core levels of the user experience, and that extends well beyond the consumer-oriented segment of the tech giant into the companies and organizations who use iOS devices as enterprise hardware.

Cisco technology has empowered Apple developers with stronger security solutions for the bulk of end users since 2015, but now the conglomerate is turning its head toward its area of expertise: corporate cyber security.

The Cisco Security Connector combines elements of other products like Cisco Umbrella to defend against threats in the cloud and Cisco Clarity to monitor traffic and keep endpoints protected from online menaces as well.

Enterprise mobility management functionality will also be available to organizations who are iOS-based thanks to the Cisco Meraki features integrated within the Security Connector.

In simple terms, those who sign up for the upcoming software-as-a-service offering by Cisco will be able to see, control, and protect employees and executives with iPhones and iPads from the most persistent cyber crimes of today.

On stage at Cisco Live 2017, Tim Cook emphasized how hackers are no longer basement dwellers and now operate at levels comparable to that of sophisticated organizations. Phishing scams, ransomware, and other corporate network attacks threaten to disrupt the industry’s operations more and more often.

The mobile workforce of enterprises using Cisco systems across their platforms and networks needs to be visible to inspectors looking at security incidents, transparent to supervisors to ensure compliance, and open to IT teams in search of data leaks and other offenses.

The iOS-based Security Connector also bolsters Apple security by safeguarding mobile connections even further both at Wi-Fi and cellular network levels. It is available to companies through an upcoming trial program, and it will launch officially at a yet undetermined subscription price during the fall.

Source: Cisco