Samsung Galaxy 8 release date
Samsung Galaxy 8 referential picture. Image credit: YouTube.

Samsung officials have leaked some more information about the upcoming Galaxy 8, this time disclosing the flagship will have facial recognition technology that will allow users to unlock the phone in just 0.01 seconds.

Tech reporter Evan Blass has also revealed that, even though it is still launching on March 29, the global release date will actually be pushed back one week. The phone was expected to come out worldwide on April 21.

Packing the latest technology from Samsung, the Galaxy 8 won’t be available until April 28 now. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some devices that rival or could outdo the South Korean flagship in the battle for the Android market.

Samsung Galaxy 8 concept
Samsung Galaxy 8 concept. Image: University Herald.

Huawei Mate 9 – $599

The Chinese giant has put out one of the best phones in recent times with its Mate 9 flagship. The $599 device offers huge screen real estate at 5.9 inches and a killer battery life that delivers up to 12 hours of web surfing.

One key feature on which it arguably stands taller than the Samsung Galaxy 8 is its dual cameras. Huawei and Leica partnered up to develop specialized technology for the phone’s rear shooter. The Mate 9 will soon support Google Assistant as well.

LG G6 – $799

Also from South Korea comes the G6 by LG, a year model that debuted this February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device comes out next month in the U.S. and it brings interesting features to the Android flagships battle.

The G6’s signature design with rounded edges and sturdy build is topped off by its water and dust resistance. What’s more, you can charge the battery of the phone wirelessly even after running it under water.

BlackBerry KeyOne – $549

BlackBerry is perhaps the odd one out on this list, but some nostalgia fans and those looking for a more hands-on experience will appreciate having a physical keyboard back nowadays.

The KeyOne brings this and more, with innovation on top of tradition adding touch gestures on top of the keyboard, enhanced security features, and near-stock Android on a mid-range device.

iPhone 8 – TBD

If you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer until the summer, you can always let Apple convince you of switching sides or confirming your intentions to get a Samsung Galaxy 8.

The 10th anniversary iPhone model is rumored to have a display that occupies the entirety of the front face of the phone, and it does away with the home button in favor of a virtual button. It will also ditch Touch ID for a new iris scanning unlocking system.

Google Pixel 2 – TBD

Finally, if you don’t mind waiting even longer until September at least, then Google can perhaps persuade you to buy their second-generation flagships. After all, Samsung, Apple, and Google are all upscaling price tags this year above the $800 mark.

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will presumably sport an even more refined design than the first time around, adding camera enhancements and richer in-house features like Google Assistant and a new version of the Nexus Launcher.

Source: Fox News