For all the Winos, there is good news, as Kuvée, a Boston-based startup, has designed a wine bottle, which is a new smart-home product that keeps your drink fresh for 30 days.

The gadget is now available for pre-ordering for $199 and is expected to ship before the end of the year. In the setup, you will get a Kuvée bottle along with four different wine bottles. You just have to insert the included wine canister into the bottom of the smart bottle and pour. After you have consumed the amount that you want to, you can remove it and store for up to 30 days.

Along with the smart bottles, the canteens have a built-in valve system that prevents oxygen from touching the liquid and helps in keeping your wine fresh for up to a month after opening. So, now, you can definitely serve different varieties of wines without the fear of the need for decanting the whole bottle to avoid wastage.


Marco DiGiulio, a vintner at California’s Vintage Wine Estates, can taste degradation in a bottle open just one day. That’s why he has such high hopes for Kuvée, a sort of Keurig-style dispenser that goes on sale Monday and comes with a catalog of 48 wines, including some of DiGiulio’s.

I’ll be honest, this was intriguing to me from a purely personal standpoint,” DiGiulio said. “My wife doesn’t drink a whole lot, and I don’t want to drink a whole lot, so it’s surprisingly rare how often we open a bottle of wine.

The main hope for the company is that it will change the economics behind the $300 billion wine industry, so now people will drink wine more often as they will have lesser fears of their money going to waste. At least, that’s what Vijay Manwani, Kuvée’s co-founder and chief executive, has to say.

You can drink a great craft beer on Tuesday night; you can drink a great cocktail on Tuesday night; you can’t drink a great bottle of wine on Tuesday night,” Manwani said.