Wikileak's Julian Assange jokes about hacking Donald Trump
Wikileak's Julian Assange jokes about hacking Donald Trump. Image credit: The Conversation

Julian Assange told Bill Maher Wikileaks was going to hack Donald Trump to get the elusive tax report. However, the organization issued a statement on Saturday denying its founders claims. The group explained they were not involved in any kind of cyber attack against the presidential candidate.

Assange made the claim at Real Time with Bill Maher after the interviewer asked him if his team was going to hack Trump. He jokingly answered, “we are working on it”.

The organization said otherwise on their Twitter account, and yet, many people remain skeptical. The group already got involved in the presidential election when they leaked a lot of emails and voice notes from DNC’s servers. In fact, Julian Assange told Maher they were going to continue attacking Clinton in the same interview.

WikiLeak’s record takes out the fun out of Assange’s joke

Wikileaks is a non-profit organization that has undisclosed a lot of classified information many times in the past.

One of its biggest reveals happened on 2009. The group leaked a compilation of top secret folders on the website. One of them showed Ahmed Wali Karzai, the Afghan president’s brother, was involved in the opium trade business in the country. Moreover, the files also indicated that he was also one of the many assets the CIA had in the Middle East country.

According to the leaked data, the then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, told US diplomat and UN staff to collect personal information of the foreign officials. She asked them to get biometric information, travel destinies, and credit card number.

The organization also exposed the secret deal between U.S and Yemen to bomb suspected Al-Qaeda militants back in 2009, and there are at least 250,000 more cables that haven’t been revised.

HBO invited Assange to the talk show “Real Time”, during which he discussed WikiLeak’s recent reveal of nearly 2,000 emails and voicemails of Democratic National Committee stolen by a suspected Russian hacker.

Assange, who promises to release more information to damage Hillary Clinton in the verge of US elections, was asked by Baher, a known Democratic supporter, whether he plans to disrupt Trump’s presidential prospects.

There is a lot of controversy around Donald Trump’s tax report 

Trump’s chief strategist, Paul Manafort, said it is very unlikely the tycoon will release his tax return because it would likely be too complicated to understand.

The presidential candidate’s team assures the publication of the tax return is the agenda of those who are eager to defeat Trump in the presidential career. Trump has either denied publishing the document or has promised to release it after the elections because IRS is going to audit it.

Based on the personal financial disclosure form released early May, the real estate developer is worth at least $1.4 billion, although Trump has claimed to worth at least 10 billion dollars.

Even if he does, the financial disclosure doesn’t require the candidate to give precise numbers. In fact, He would only have to declare he has more than $50 million, and that would be it. Which means, the Trump’s total net worth would still be unclear.

Amongst his largest properties, those that makes him –at least- a billionaire, are Fifty-Seventh Street Associates, a commercial real estate group; the luxury golf resort in Scotland Trump Turnberry; and Trump International Hotels Management LLC.

New information may confirm the democratic election was rigged 

2016 Democratic Convention opened with an unexpected foreign foe. It appears “Russian state actors,” experts in cyber security, hacked and released emails that led to the resignation of the head of the Liberal party, Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

The hacked information apparently shows Democratic Party officials siding to support Clinton against her opponent Bernie Sanders, furthering Trump’s claim that Clinton’s Democratic victory was “rigged.”

Not to forget the 110 emails and 52 chains confirmed to have classified information sent through Hillary Clinton’s personal account.

Source: CNN