Ariel Winter clothes at Drake's concert. Image credit: 17 Online.

The young actress showed her sexy side

U.S. Los Ángeles, Calif. – A group of celebs attended the kick-off of Drake’s new tour at the L.A. Staples Center on Wednesday night. However, among a group of names that included Rihanna, Lebron James, Mark Wahlberg, Jamie Fox, Ice Cube and Snoop Dog, actress Ariel Winter was the one who stood out.

The 18-year old Modern Family star (she’s Alex Dunphy in the sitcom) showed confidence highlighting her curves with her denim-tight outfit. She might not be the skinny prototype of the industry, but she sure knows how to feel proud of her body.

Last week, her co-star Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy) spoke to about Winter’s self-assurance.

“She is so sure about who she is, her body, and how Winter lives in this world,” she said.

Ariel Winter’s looks stole the show at Drake’s opening night

ariel-winter-drake-and-future-concert. Image credit: Got Celeb.
Ariel Winter changed clothes during the concert, is that the new iPHone 7 PLUS? Image credit: Got Celeb.

Most celebs in the show went to the concert in casual outfits, but Winter took an entirely different approach. She arrived at the hip-hop show in a pale pink two-piece, with a high-waits skirt going down to her knees and an off-the-shoulder long-sleeved top.

The star matched her pink theme with a choker made from the same fabric as the skirt, and a couple of gold circle earrings. She included high heels to rock her look fully.

The non-casual outfit showed off Winter’s bosom, tummy, and curves, and showed a particular confidence in her ensemble. Not to forget she’s an actress that underwent a breast reduction last year.

After the show, when it was time for the after-party, the actress sported an oversized black shirt with the word “Revenge” on it but kept the same heels.

Rihanna didn’t sing along Drake on Wednesday night

People believe the pair is still a thing, and the rumors spiced up when the diva and The Nice Guy headed together from the concert to the after-party.

On the other side, Rihanna attended the show but did not perform. Which everybody noticed because both artists have featured in each other concerts during the year.

The alleged couple delighted fans last week in Florida with a brief kiss, and many took it as a confirmation of their relationship. Although, according to Drake’s dad, the couple are just friends.

Rihanna wore a denim jacket with round-lens sunglasses. Drake, meanwhile, was in a white sports jacket and black jeans. He was in a good mood after he finished the first date of his Summer Sixteen tour.

Source: US Magazine