Building on Apple's "Shot on iPhone" campaign, TBWA\Media Arts Lab gives us "The Human Family." Image Source: Apple

The Apple Shot on iPhone” campaign just launched a new ad called “The Human Family“, just in time for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

It features Maya Angelou reading her own poem “Human Family”. Angelou was a famous poet and civil rights activists who passed away in 2014. Along with the voice of Angelou, the ad shows photos and videos taken by iPhone users of different races from around the world and submitted by them.

The spot will be Apple’s ad for the Olympics and is set to air during the Olympics opening ceremony this Friday. The ad can be seen in the Apple’s homepage or YouTube, as the company already posted it before the Olympics began.

Shot on iPhone advertisement campaign

The photos and videos shown in the ad were sent from iPhone customers from around the world to be part of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

It is a campaign in which every person that possess an iPhone can take a picture or a video and submit them to Apple to be used for their advertisings. It is a form of promoting the users to be creative with the features that offer the smartphone camera and to be part of Apple’s ads. This last couple of months the company has focused its advertising in photography and imagery.

The Human Family is the latest in the Apple’s commercial campaign that started back in July. They started the campaign to demonstrate the capabilities of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus cameras. Every video is edited with music and lasts about 15 seconds with the exception of “The Human Family” that last about a minute.

The videos posted by Apple show features provided by the iOS app such as the slow motion that gives the user the option to take a video at 240 frames per second and the camera color gamut.

The Shot on iPhone campaign will probably continue for some time because of the upcoming release of the iPhone 7 that will be release September 16 of this year.

Apple leak confirms the info about the iPhone 7

The YouTube channel Unbox Therapy obtained the iPhone 7 Plus before its release. In matters of hardware, some of the changes are the larger size of 5.5-inch and the dual lens camera. It also has two external speakers and it lacks the headphone jack.

Source: The Washington Post