Apple TV will be one of this year's Black Friday top requests, as the Apple Store will slash the prices for both Apple Watches and Apple TVs. Image Source: iDigital Times

Today at Apple’s “Loop You In” event the company had a lot to announce, including an update for its Apple TV. The main features in the fourth version of the Apple TV are the updates to its App Store and the new Siri Remote; the update is supposed to make both of them easier.

Tim Cook just announced that an update arriving today will add folders, dictation, Siri voice search for the App Store, access to users’ iCloud Photo Libraries, and support for Live Photos.

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You can now use Siri Remote to dictate text for search queries, usernames, and even passwords, and Bluetooth keyboards are once again supported for easier text entry.

Before you try the new features out do make sure that you are on the version 9.2 of the tvOS. To do that, check your tvOS version number, by heading to the Settings channel, then the About section, and look for tvOS followed by a version number (like 9.1.1).

The update will happen automatically, however, if you want you can give the whole process a head start.  Just go to the Settings channel, then the System section, and look for Software Updates under Maintenance, and select Update Software.

Some features like the ability to enter passwords by voice should make logging in on the TV much easier, and life with the Apple TV considerably more pleasant.

Apart from this, at the event, Apple was talking a lot about the collection of apps that are supported on the tvOS bump up to a total of 500 apps, which is definitely a decent number.

Also, like iOS, Apple TV has changed the app switcher user interface when moving between apps using multitasking. You can jump between recently opened apps by double-clicking Siri Remote’s TV button.

Last but not the least, Apple has also added in support for pairing Bluetooth keyboards for wirelessly entering text and navigating around tvOS.