As expected, Apple has gone ahead and updated the latest iOS version to 9.3 today. Even if it is an incremental update, there are a couple of new features that you will definitely want to try.

Night Shift

This feature works quite similar to the popular f.lux. Its main functionality is to eliminate blue light from your display for better use while reading in darker environments. Apple says using Night Shift will help your circadian rhythms, and help you get better sleep.

ios 9.3 night shift mode iphone

It uses geolocation to identify where you are and what time of day it is and automatically alters your screen’s color temperature. At night, the screen will appear ‘warmer’ with yellows, and back to normal as night gives way to the sunshine.

News and Notes


It looks like Apple is making the Notes app a bit more secure. You will be able to hide notes behind Touch ID, which, according to Apple, will encourage more users to entrust personal data to the app.

The notes can also be sorted in a better way according to the date, time created, or alphabetically.

The news app has been updated with a new algorithm that Apple is sure the user will enjoy more. Videos will play directly in a feed, and the iPhone version of Notes is now viewable in landscape mode. The company has also claimed of better news update times.



There is nothing new feature as far as the app is concerned, however, Apple is recommending popular apps you might want to use in its own Health app.

If you were using Health to track your weight, for instance, viewing the ‘Weight’ screen in the Health app, will now show your apps that you may find useful.

It will also show graphically the data that you are trying to observe.