Apple's Ipad Pro
Apple's Ipad Pro. Image credit: The Verge.

Apple makes it to the news again after rumors of a possible iPad Pro 2 release in November, or even earlier this year, reached the web. The company is expected to announce the new tablet soon after the iPhone 7. The iPad Pro 2 would reportedly come with the latest iOS 10 and some of the new Ipad 9.7-inch features.

A possible iPad Pro 2 leak surfaced on AppleInsider’s site that shows the new tablet would go into production in September according to an allegedly inside worker at the Apple’s Chinese supply network.

A couple of pictures show an allegedly pre-production test unit with storage space designated only to the iOS 10 beta and a few test applications. During Apple’s WWDC 2016 conference, the company revealed the new iOS 10, MacOS, TvOS, and WatchOS 3 software. However, the company didn’t deliver any hardware-related info.

Alegedlly Apple iPad Pro 2 leaked images
Allegedly Apple iPad Pro 2 leaked images. Image Credit: Apple Insider.

Regardless, numerous leaks about the iPhone 7 found their way to the Internet including a possible launch date set for September 16. Now, the Ipad pro´s successor is in the scope for speculation.

Apple wants to replace desktop PCs with the iPad Pro 2

The new iPad Leaks suggest the tablet would be designed and marketed as a desktop replacement, a goal Apple had sought before when the iPad Pro came out.

A possible specs sheet for the new table includes an A10XCPU processor, 64GB of internal storage and a 12-megapixel camera.

The device is rumored to borrow some features of this yea’s iPad Pro 9.7 such as high-fidelity speakers on each corner and the adaptative true tone display technology which automatically adjusts color and intensity to match natural light.

The tech company is promoting the current iPad Pro with a new TV ad that has gotten some mixed feedback from consumers. Some people think the device fails in its promise of serving as an alternative to a computer. Despite that fact, the tablet has been well received by programmers and graphic designers.

As usual, Apple remains silent about the rumors. Tim Cook continued the secrecy tradition Steve Jobs started, in fact, it seems the company has been following a pattern throughout the years, and fans realized that.

A tablet usually arrives two months after an iPhone gets released, and even the famous tipster Evan Blass confirmed the new iPhone 7 is coming in September. If the company follows the pattern, the Ipad Pro 2 will hit the shelves in late October or November.

Source: AppleInsider