Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) presents a new app for the iOS, so that Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) devices can work with an Android Wear smartwatch.

The company’s app allows to any smartwatch that operates with the Android Wear to collaborate with an iPhone that runs with Apple’s iOS 8.2. This means that the smartwatch which runs with Google’s operating system is compatible with the iPhone 5 and every generation after that.

So far this ability exists only for the LG Watch Urbane, but according to Google more and more devices will join in the near future. With this app one can see on his smartwatch notifications, fitness data and news updates from Google Now while using an Apple device. However, there is no access to the Google Play Store so the user cannot download anything from there.

In more details, one can use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Now, Google Fit and other services or apps from his – let’s say – iPhone. The app might be available only for LG’s smartwatch for now but it is certain that we’ll see much more additions from the smartwatch industry, including the latest models of Huawei, Asus and Motorola.

But the greatest achievement of Google, which is probably the main reason of this move, is the fact that now if an Apple customer wishes to combine a smartwatch with their device, they are not obliged to purchase the Apple Watch. And let’s be honest, Apple is a colossal company with numerous achievements and innovation in the technology industry, but the Apple Watch is not one of those.

A bold move that will probably cause Apple’s reaction soon. After all Google and Apple have ignited countless conflicts in the past and the results from most of them are great devices with ground breaking new features.