PlayStation VR Preview
PlayStation VR Preview. Image credit: Extreme Tech.

The gaming community prepares for the arrival of a new VR titan.  Sony will officially release the PlayStation VR on October 13. Ahead of the product launch next week, the PS VR team has put together a comprehensive guide that answers all the questions about the device.

Sony is calling for an early launch to take full advantage of the pre-Christmass shopping season. The PlayStation VR promises to make a king out of the PlayStation 4, at least for a little while.

The disappointing reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro placed Microsoft’s ‘Project Scorpio’ high on the wish list of several gaming enthusiasts next year, even with little details confirmed about the next-gen console. Nintendo’s NX is also likely to make big waves upon launch in spring 2017.

PlayStation VR features and requirements

The upcoming virtual reality system not only requires the headset, but also the full set of hardware that powers it and connects it to the PS4.

It is crucial to note that even buying the full PS VR will not be enough for players who want to experience virtual reality. The system requires a PlayStation Camera to work, and some games may even need a Move Motion controller to play properly.

Out of the box, the PlayStation VR System includes the Headset, the Processor Unit, three different connection cables (VR headset, USB, and HDMI), a power cord and adaptor, and a headphone set.

The Headset has 5.7-inch OLED display with 1920 x 1080 RGB resolutions. It will be able to run games on latencies as low as 18ms and as smooth as 90 fps.

The Processor Unit is more than a cable management box. Its multiple ports allow for the processing of 3D audio and sharing the player’s VR experience on the TV using the ‘Social Screen’ for others to watch as well.

Sony has also stated that the PlayStation VR will not be a device limited to playing VR games. The PS VR team said the new gear was not limited to VR games. Users can use the PS VR to play other kinds of games using the Cinematic Mode.

PlayStation VR price and release date

As previously stated, the PS VR does not provide more performance power to existing consoles (PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro). PS VR games will be adequately identified upon launch, and not all will require the VR system to play them.

However, Sony strongly suggests getting it since developers designed games with the headset as an essential element of the gaming experience.

The PS VR System will go on sale nationwide in the U.S. on October 13. It will cost $399, and the PS VR Launch Bundle that includes the VR System, PS Camera, two Move Motion controllers, and the ‘PlayStation VR Worlds’ will cost $499. ‘The Playroom VR’ will be free for all PS VR players.

Source: PlayStation Blog