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The American manufacturer Ford Motors has announced earlier this Monday that their entire lineup of 2017 vehicles will count with their Sync 3 platform and be compatible with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

The commitment shown by Ford to roll out an entire series of cars with this capability is unprecedented in the auto industry.

Sync 3 as an in-car mobile solutions system comes as a successor of the MyFord Touch platform, which was the second generation of vehicle-integrated systems offered by the American manufacturer.

The entertainment and communications system will be available on all 2017 Ford cars regardless of style, which includes SUVs, electric vehicles, the subject luxury line by Lincoln and even trucks.

Over twenty car models will be able to use the standard Sync 3 interface on their touch screen panels, besides being able to connect to their drivers’ iPhones or Android devices.

The latest generation of vehicles is already at dealerships and the streets, with the Ford Explorer, Escape, Fusion and Mustang ready to go for a ride.

Other models remaining to be released such as the Super Duty, the F-150, the Focus and the Edge 2017 will also start their engines running Sync 3 with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

An enhanced driving experience

In-car communication and entertainment systems were first designed as the automotive industry’s answer to the technological needs of its drivers.

The adoption of these platforms in modern vehicles has been progressively wider, even more so with announcements such as Ford’s latest. Sync 3 runs on an interface in the car’s integrated touch-screen, like several similar systems developed by competing car manufacturers.

Through this interface, drivers can access different functions and features of their vehicles, as well as applications and other settings.

Earlier versions ran on the Windows Embedded Automotive OS, but Sync 3 was developed to run on the QNX by Blackberry, a move that has allowed mobile capabilities to go beyond what has ever been offered.

A truly hands-free ride

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto take communication and entertainment systems one step further. The mobile systems developed by Apple and Android respectively not only allow you to access and control your car’s features but also your handset’s functions.

By connecting your iPhone or Android device to your vehicle, the Sync 3 platform will change to show your smartphone’s interface.

Thanks to the voice control feature integrated both on the Sync 3 platform and the mobile-developed systems, and drivers will be able to make calls, check texts and even use third party apps without taking their eyes off the road.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are far from the first mobile venture in in-vehicle systems.
Siri Eyes Free is a previously introduced feature, available on cars with Ford Sync systems, to access Siri and its functionalities for Apple devices.

Carplay and Auto will not only be available in all Ford 2017 vehicles, as it is readily available in flagship automobiles by BMW, Honda, and Hyundai.

To use these new features on their cars, drivers will have to own an iPhone 5 or newer, and Android devices with updated Lollipop or later versions of the OS.

Source: PCMag