AirPods review: Wireless air buds for Apple fans

Last Saturday, Apple debuted the first batch of TV ads for the AirPods, the company’s wireless earbuds. Marketing them as part of the “practically magic” campaign of the iPhone 7, Apple tries to show the AirPods will not fall off your ears.

The tech giant unveiled the AirPods as part of the iPhone 7 event in San Francisco last September. However, Apple did not make them available until their December 13 release date a little over a month ago.

Since then, sales have skyrocketed and Apple’s move to premiere ads now seems to respond to the public’s initial reception. The company wants to hype the AirPods even more.

Apple AirPods: Design

Apple-Airpods-Design-price-release date
Black Apple Airpods (referential image). Credit: TheUSBport.

Perhaps the most resounding criticism to the AirPods out there is how ‘weird’ they look, to put it one way. People all around mostly agree the design of Apple’s Bluetooth earbuds is not the greatest.

Inspired by the legacy EarPods, the AirPods sport the same elongated stem that now just hangs out of your ear when you are wearing them. Apple justifies this unique design by placing the microphone on the stem, as well as the charging tech that pairs with the case.

First impressions from everyday users and active wearers seem to confirm the acrobatics seen in the ads are not entirely false, as the AirPods indeed don’t fall out as easily as you would expect.

Apple AirPods: Performance

apple airpods cost
Apple Airpods internal internal design. Image: Trusted Reviews.

If you can ignore how the AirPods look, then you are in for a treat, especially if you are an Apple user. People who have been able to get their hands on the AirPods claim the wireless earbuds offer superb sound quality.

On top of audio fidelity, reports say the AirPods best feature is its pairing functionality. Just take them out of the case, and your Apple device recognizes them instantly.

As shown in the ads, AirPods come integrated with gesture support for Siri. Double tap one of the buds and you can control your music, make calls, and more. Take one earbud out, and music pauses instantaneously, put it back in, and playback starts again.

The portable case provides a seamless charging experience through Lightning to USB cable, and it can store power for charging on the go. AirPods can play music for up to five hours and stand calls for two.

Apple AirPods Price is not competitive at all

At $159, the AirPods’ price is not exactly the cheapest out there for a pair of wireless earbuds, but then again neither is anything bearing the bitten Apple logo.

It is worth noting the AirPods are out of stock as of now, listed on Apple’s website with an estimated six-week shipping time. For that price or less, there are several options worth considering that you can order hassle-free online right away.

For instance, Apple’s Beats brand has the $150 Powerbeats 3, which deliver up to 12 hours of battery life. For those on a budget, Motorola offers a great option with the $69 VerveLoop+ set. These Bluetooth earbuds also outlast the AirPods at 9.5 hours of playtime.

There are more competitive products out there that easily match or outperform the AirPods, leaving them with only one primary appealing feature: Apple compatibility and experience.

If you are an Apple purist, then, by all means, the AirBuds are worth buying. If you don’t own a last-gen Apple device compatible with the AirBuds, then there is no reason to get them over a cheaper wireless alternative.

Source: Apple