5 Instagram Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Did you know you can hide hashtags on your posts? To boost your following, spruce up your page, and market yourself, you need to learn these Instagram hacks.

Do use Instagram? It’s one of the most used social media platforms and is distinctive from Facebook or Twitter for being about sharing images not text. It’s even popular with runners as a social platform.

If you use Instagram in the correct way you can find it a useful tool for improving your life and unlocking new opportunities and new friends.

But many people don’t know how to fully take advantage of Instagram.  Here are some classic Instagram hacks to get ahead of the game.

1. Delete Bad Posts That Didn’t Perform Well

If you want to market yourself as an attractive account for others to follow then you want your Instagram page to be full of great posts that have a high reach. We’ve all made mistakes and posted drunken pictures at 4 am that only got a few likes.

Go back over your previous Instagram posts and clean up. Delete pictures that didn’t work well so that the first thing any new followers will see is an Instagram page of high-reaching, strong posts.

People think that it’s important to show that you post regularly but it isn’t that important at all. It’s more important to have a strong curation of high-performing posts.

2. Invisible Hashtags

Did you know you can spam your pictures full of hashtags that won’t be visible to the naked eye? This way you can ensure your posts and stories rank highly on search results but your regular viewers won’t be inundated with spam-like hashtags that can turn them off.

The way to do this is to create a story and place your hashtags on them using the text tool and then paint over then. Find a block of color that can easily be colored in which the paint tool.

The hashtags will still be part of the story and will still work like normal hashtags but they will be hidden to everyone who views the post.  This is one of the top Instagram tricks.

Be sure to ask for need help who how to post to Instagram from Mac when uploading pictures.

3. Use Instagram TV

A lot of people aren’t aware that Instagram launched it’s own video-streaming platform a while back.

Although it hasn’t taken off in the same way You-Tube has it’s still a great platform to share longer stories and video content to promote your services.

Travel bloggers, in particular, get fed up with having to use the time-restricted story function which only really serves as a way to give small diary-like updates and not full vlogs.

Be sure to offer a preview of your Instagram TV story on your main Instagram page. This way your Instagram viewers will be tempted to make the jump onto your Instagram TV page.

4. Sell Your Goods or Services on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to sell things. A study found that British shoppers would use Instagram even if it was having a negative impact on their mental health. but most people don’t use it to sell directly on the platform. They use it to direct to other platforms.

In fact, selling on Instagram can be a great way of boosting sales. You could use Instagram text post to sell. But another innovative way of doing this is of going ‘live’ on your Instagram story.

Rather than posting about your product to your followers, you can sell your products or services live from your own living room or, if you are traveling from the beach, in your swimming costumes.

Be sure to have some samples of your goods with you so that you can show them to any followers that tune in. Be sure to market what time and when you are going to start your ‘live sell’ in advance.

Remember, you could even turn your ‘live-sell’ into an auction so that everyone can bid for your products or services creating a fun atmosphere that will increase the number of viewers.

5. Photo Your Attractive Friends

Do you have those friends who have the potential to be Insta-famous? They invest time and energy in getting their appearance just right, they always wear the latest fashion trends and whenever they post a picture their Instagram blows up?

It can be frustrating and you could spend time trying to emulate them or you could make your Instagram less about yourself but more about your adventures with friends and people you meet.

This way you have an excuse to post loads of pictures of other people, attractive people that is sure to boost your Instagram follower count by a few hundred. If you are really keen to get your name out there then you could even agree to pay one of your friends to feature in some of your posts or to model for you.

There Are So Many Instagram Hacks

If you’re thinking about how you can use Instagram for your business in a more effective way then you can’t go wrong with some of these easy-to-use hacks and tricks.

Use invisible hashtags to boost your Instagram search rankings without making your users feel as if they are being bombarded with spam. Sell your goods and services directly on Instagram either in your bio or through their new Instagram TV service.

You also need to think about your image. If you have a habit of posting pictures that don’t get much traction then be sure to have a clear-out and delete these old pictures, instead of going for quality over quantity.

And if you feel you’re not photogenic then be sure to get your attractive, follower-boosting friends on-board to make sure your Instagram is always on fire.

If you are interested in learning more Instagram hacks or reading about how to format Instagram captions then be sure to check out the rest of our site.