Google Penalty Checker Tools

Regardless of how careful you are with your SEO processes, it is expected that every once in a while you will experience some issues. However, if you are not careful, some of these issues could render all your optimization efforts useless, which is why you must be deliberate about fixing them as soon as they arise.

The worst thing that could happen to you thanks to the mistakes on your website is when Google penalizes your site. You not only lose your position on the SERP of Google, but also lose on traffic flow, brand visibility, and ultimately, taint your reputation. That said, it is urgent that you consider some of the best Google penalty checker tools in the market. With 2019 bringing in new changes, below are some of the tools to be on the lookout for:

Fruition Google Penalty Checker

If you are a fan of Google Analytics, then you will surely love this tool. The Fruition Google Penalty Checker very much coordinates with Google Analytics as an SEO tool. Even though it is a freemium tool, it has a great offer for free service. Just from the free versions, you can access a full report of the Google penalties that have immensely affected your website. This way, you do not have to worry about continually checking and auditing your entire site for mistakes.

Further, you can analyze two websites for any penalties, not to mention, access a report on your performance on the previous three months regarding SEO and Google penalties. If you have some few dollars to spare, you can upgrade to the premium version which has more privileges, including analyzing more than two websites.

MOZ Google algorithm change history

The MOZ Google algorithm change history is not necessarily a tool, but rather a list compiled by Moz. It entails the recent updates by Google, which gives you intel on what Google is up to, and what areas you are most likely to attract a penalty from. Besides, it provides you different services for your website, as regards the recent updates from Google.

Rank Ranger

The Rank Ranger is an SEO marketing software. This all-in-one tool is very timely in giving you feedback and updates for when Google launches new algorithmic changes. It may seem like an unnecessary insight until you understand that Google does not always announce its algorithm changes. If you are then left to figure it out on your own, even as an SEO expert, you will surely miss out on something and attract heavy penalties on your site. Therefore, once there is an additional ranking factor to consider, these tools will give you insights. This way, at no particular point, will you have to face Google’s penalties because you did not comply with its new algorithmic ranking factors.

The best bit about the Rank Ranger tool is that it has easy-to-read charts, making it convenient even for first-time users. It uses the colors blue, red and green as indicators of where you stand as regards the danger you are at for attracting a Google penalty.

Grump Rating

The grump rating is unique in its operation in the way it analyzes Google, instead of examining sites for errors. This way, it is not about your website being on the wrong side of Google, but instead about your website being intentionally right with the algorithms of Google. In simple terms, the Grump rating tool tells you when Google is grumpy, just to give you’re a heads-up on what to do for the best ranking results.

The tool keeps it fun for SEOs, with three ranking factors, that is, chilled, cautious and grumpy. If you can be consistent with keeping up with the moods, then rest assured that you are always on top of Google’s updates.


The PANGUIN Tool is among the top used tools, because of its effectiveness. For users of Google analytics, it is much convenient to operate this tool. The tools feed on the insights of the Google Analytics tool to plot out the map of traffic. Ideally, the traffic rate is the indication you need to know for when your site is getting penalized or not. When the traffic is very low, then you are getting too many penalties by Google.

With so many areas that Google can penalize your website at any given time. It is essential that you stay ahead of any changes by taking up any of the five Google penalty checker tools in 2019. For more on tracking your rank position and performance, visit