3 Ways That Technology Is Transforming The World Of Work

We are living amidst a technological revolution that is every bit as radical and far-reaching as the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century. Technology has changed the way that we entertain ourselves and others, how we shop, and how we communicate, and whilst that has also brought challenges, the benefits to us all have been enormous. Technology is also transforming the way we work, and by recognizing this, we can take full advantage of the opportunities that it brings. Here are three ways that the world of work has changed because of advancing technology.

Flexible Working Opportunities

It’s only a generation ago that the nine to five was so ubiquitous that Dolly Parton made a song about it. The vast majority of workers were in a daily routine that was the same from one year to the next, and they were also stuck in a rut. Thanks to modern technology, forward-thinking countries can offer flexible working patterns, and this means that more and more people every year can work from home for some or all of their working week. This brings tremendous advantages to the individual employee, especially those with family commitments, but it also helps to reduce the need for unnecessary journeys by car or public transport and that’s great news for the environment too.

New Jobs

Modern technology has not only brought new ways to carry out jobs, it’s brought a vast number of completely new jobs too. Alongside the obvious ones such as website designers and IT engineers, there are also professional bloggers, YouTube broadcasters and more, as well as the support network behind such people. Technology is also behind the rapid rise in the number of people who are now striking out and forming their own companies, as a person working from a home or office in the United States can now provide a wide range of online services to customers right across the globe.

Educating the Workforce

As well as changing how we work, rest and play, technology is transforming how we can learn as well, and that too is transforming the workplace. Companies can now cheaply and easily offer bespoke online training to their employees, allowing them to quickly gain the knowledge and skills they need. Even more powerful is the ability for employees to study for advanced courses online, meaning that they can climb the career ladder and become business leaders themselves. People can now gain an advanced qualification such as a doctor of management degree by studying completely online at Touro University Worldwide. As the study is completed 100% online, people can complete the course whilst still carrying out their jobs, and that means they can put the business theory that they study to practical use.

A doctorate of management is one of the most in-demand advanced degrees of them all, as the holder will know how to make the most of the changes that technology is bringing to the world of business. With new jobs and new ways to work also available, the world of work will never be the same again, but the future has never been brighter or more exciting.