Volkswagen is working on a three seat-row mid size SUV. Image credit: Car and Driver.

Volkswagen's three-row seat could be called Terramont

U.S. Chattanooga, Tenn. – Volkswagen (NASDAQ: ffVLKY) started the production of a new three-row SUV. The vehicle looks like a prominent player in themed-sized SUV market against the likes of Honda Pilots, Ford Explorer, and Toyota Highlanders.

The SUV still has no name, yet its production is going to move to the Tennessee factory, where the company builds the Passat. On of the possible names 2018 VW mid-size SUV, pics, specs and first impressions of the SUV is ‘Terramont,’ but there is an ongoing debate inside the organization of what to call a vehicle intended for North American families.

The concept debuted in Detroit back in 2013. Now with a test drive of a prototype version in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is safe to say the vehicle with no name will not be ignored. As it stands, it behaves better than its competitors in the family SUV market.


2018 mid size Volkswagen sub first look
2018 mid-size Volkswagen sub first look. Image credit: Car and Driver.

It features a broad front with LED lighting, large wheel arches, and other similarities to the Grand Cherokee Jeep.  The SUV shows a raw and rough all-American look, while still being attractive.

The engine is a 3.6-litre V6 with 260 horsepower connected to an eight-speed automatic transition with a manual mode. The U.S. version will feature a 2.0-litre turbo engine with 240 horsepower. The SUV has a front-wheel drive with a tow of at least of 5,000 pounds.

VW has not ruled out a future diesel model, but the company is probably going to opt for a hybrid version to better comply with the low emission laws.

VW mid-size SUV cabin features 

The interior is wide and comfortable, with plenty of room and a tall ceiling. There is a large touch screen (eight to ten inches) in the center panel that supports multi-gestures. Through the screen, users can control the audio system, the radio, and the GPS apps.

The seats are broad and comfortable, and they have two USB ports along with a 12V outlet. With the third-row seats in place, the rear cargo area could hold a couple of hockey backs, while the back seats are big enough to fit two adults.

There is also a storage compartment underneath the seats, a deep center armrest storage bin, and other commodities in the cockpit to make good use of the space.

The overall driving experience is comfortable. The steering is electric, light weighted and quick to respond.

On the safety side, the SUV can come with a full suite of security add-ons, including an around-view monitor, blind spot monitor, active cruise control and an assisted park function.

VW will fully reveal the model at the L.A. Auto Show in November. The model comes along with a $900 million investment in the Tennessee facilities.

Source: Car and Driver