2016 Connected Car Summit details
2016 Connected Car Summit information. Image: Connected Car Summit website.

The Connected Car Summit is a two-day conference dedicated to the advanced technology of connected cars. It will take place in Russia from December 20 to December 21, 2016.

This year’s summit will sum up the novelties of 2016 and discuss technologies for the future.

The main event will be a conference presenting the leading players in the automobile market and connected car segments.

The conference will show particular attention to smart cars and electric vehicles as the speakers will try to determine all pros and cons of these technologies for the future of  the automotive industry.

Notably, Russia is the home of the GLONASS technology, a space-based satellite navigation system used by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces.

GLONASS system aims to compete against the U.S. GPS (Global Positioning System) and become the business leaders in the car industry.

2016 Connected Car Summit schedule

The summit will discuss fourteen main topics over its two-day schedule, ranging from existing connected-car features to all vehicle-related technologies in development.

The central theme is self-driving cars: the conference will ponder if they are a luxury or a means of transportation, and explore the possibility of these technologies going to the masses.

The summit will also discuss connected car technologies, infotainment systems, telematics, and mobile applications, gadgets and features for drivers.

Connected Car Summit Main Topics.
Connected Car Summit Main Topics. Image: CCS page.

2016 Connected Car Summit speakers

The full list of speakers is still not available, but one of the co-organizers of the conference will hold a keynote: the GLONASS Union, Russia’s largest federal network operator in the navigator sector.

In fact, the official web page still contains a space to register as a speaker of the event and is currently selling exhibition areas packages.

The exhibition zone will showcase the latest developments, prototypes, concepts, and technological products. The speakers will come from well-known auto companies from all over the world.

There will be space for both innovative developments and pioneering projects and solutions. On that regard, there will be an avenue for startups where the ventures can show their prospects and novelties to investors.

Startups may as well participate in a hackathon that will help them solve a range of automotive task and issues by joining efforts.

How much are the tickets for the conference? 

The tickets are available at the website at the link down bellow. Hitting the “Buy a Ticket” button will redirect to a site with the prices.

During the event, the ticket will cost 25,000 rubles ($394.89), but there are pre-sale tickets for 10,000 rubles ($157.96) and 20,000 rubles ($315.91)

Source: Connected Cars