The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a whole different game from any other in the franchise. Image Source: Polygon

Two new gameplay-focused trailers for Nintendo‘s latest Zelda adventure ‘Breath of The Wild.’ The feature came out at the 2016 Game Awards yesterday and showed fans more interesting details of what’s come in this new iteration of the classic franchise.

‘ ‘ initially received a release date for 2015, now nearly two years ago. After some setbacks and the impending appearance of Nintendo’s new console finally revealed to be the Nintendo Switch, the company pushed the game for 2017.

The 19th chapter of Link’s journey will then come out for the Switch and the Wii U next year though Nintendo has not announced a fixed date. Internet sources cite the summer as its most likely period of unveiling.

The videos show footage from BOTW highly publicized advanced physics engine

Interested players can now take a sneak peek at BOTW’s vast locations, which featured the already known green plains but also unnamed dark regions and new characters. The second trailer also shows some interactions and abilities that will take place in-game.

The second trailer also shows how much the physics engine has improved, with Link’s movements being even more fluid, fast, and realistic. He’s seen sliding as he battles and falls in a very dynamic fashion that is sure to bring players a new gaming experience.

Link’s fighting abilities seem to be even more enhanced, an extensive roster of weapons is now available, new combo-making mechanics, and open-mission setting make this a never-seen-before type of Zelda game.

The new trailers also shed some light into the game’s narrative

Along with the appearance of a character who many enthusiasts think is Princess Zelda, the first trailer also brings viewers to a vast world which seems to be widely dominated by bird-like humanoid species.

The game’s plot is already common knowledge, however. Link awakes from a deep slumber and finds the kingdom of Hyrule in ruins. The hero learns that Calamity Ganon, his great enemy, has been sealed inside the castle and he must venture to defeat before he completes his destruction of the world.

But this new trailers shows something that seems to be essential for this release, the importance of nature. Wilderness has overtaken the ruined kingdom in over a century, which has bred new communities and new ways of life inside Hyrule.

The second trailer also shows a small glimpse of what seems to be the Master Sword, right after Link falls to his knees at the end.

Source: The Verge