YouTube enables PSVR support. Image: YouTube.

Many console users would agree Youtube apps for consoles like the PS4 or the Xbox One don’t have the best reputation in the market as they lack many features often come with compatibility problems which can lead to a frustrating experience. However, that’s in the past now.

YouTube launched a new update for its PlayStation 4 app. Users can now experience the benefits of VR as well as 360-degree videos. This app is now fully compatible with the PS4.

Some Reddit users who are testing the new features say there are a couple of problems, but overall, the reception has been positive.

While many people would agree that some minor improvements are still needed, users say that 360-degree content works perfectly fine, and so it does the VR content in general like theater mode.

The last update to the PS4 of Youtube will be the 1.09. So, if you are still using the 1.08 version hang in there! You can expect your update soon enough.

YouTube 1.09 release date

Even though some users already report to have received the update automatically, there is still no real release date, and many users are trying to activate it manually following the steps to check out for updates.

Youtube and Sony, the two companies in charge of releasing the eagerly expected update and improvements, have not said anything about the release date. Most PS4 users hope to receive the update before Christmas.

As far as users are concerned, the update does not include anything new, apart from the PSVR support. It’s important to remember that you will need a PlayStation VR headset if you want to enjoy an immersive experience of virtual reality, which counts with a 5.7” OLED display.

The 1.9 update is more practical than it seems

After you can get the update, you can select between “normal” and “Playstation VR” when you first open the app. The PlayStation VR pairs with the Youtube app to let you view 360-degree content including head-tracking perspective.

Many people see this update as something not very useful as they don’t think it includes any tangible improvements, but it is rather practical. 

Right now, anyone with a PS4 needed to move 360-degree videos to a memory stick or share them on a network to be able to view this kind of content using a ps4 VR headset.

Source: PlayStation VR