A shooting at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno has left a couple of injuries and no fatalities. The suspect committed suicide after the attack. Image: Pexels

This Tuesday in San Bruno California, a woman armed with a handgun opened fire at the YouTube headquarters injuring 4 people before taking her own life. Officials reported not having much information about the incident, besides the suspicion of a connection between the shooting and a case of domestic abuse, said police Chief Ed Barberini.

According to reports, the attack occurred around 1 pm local time, when employees rushed from their offices in YouTube’s main building to take cover and hide in barricaded rooms as gunshots were fired through the campus. Witnesses confirmed the police’s theory by identifying the shooter as a woman who was firing a gun from the courtyard.

Barberini told the press that by the time the shooter was found at the scene, she seemed to have shot herself with the weapon. The chief also stated that it is likely that the case will remain blurry until the morning, in order to have witnesses in a more clear state of mind. It is suspected that the shooter knew at least one of the victims that were injured.

Officials also revealed that the attack’s motives remain unknown, and as victims are treated it is not possible to reveal any information. Dr. Andre Campbell, who will be treating 3 patients, informed that the victims are all conscious and that none of them have yet gone through surgery.

Employee statements on YouTube shooting

Todd Sherman, a product manager at the company stated that the gunshots he heard interrupted a meeting he was in. According to Sherman, this was followed by the sound of people running and screaming through the building. Sherman said that by the time he was running downstairs, the stairway was tainted with blood drips as he said on his Twitter account.

“At that point every new person I saw was a potential shooter,” said Sherman about the experience. Zach Vorhies, who left the building in a skateboard, said “I didn’t understand what was going on until police came in the door,” he said. “And then I got out of there.”

Police Report on YouTube shooting

Chief Barberini said that two injured women ran across the street to take shelter in a restaurant, this was when a fourth injured person appeared with a harmed ankle that was caused while fleeing instead of being hit by a bullet.

The police report also informed the critical condition of 2 victims while the other one was in a fair condition only being injured by a bullet in her leg. Victims are currently being treated at the San Francisco General Hospital.  Followed by this the police confirmed that YouTube’s parent company Google is also assisting in law enforcement.

Presidential Response

President Donald Trump didn’t take much time to issue a quick response in which he stated “Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved. Thank you to our phenomenal Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders that are currently on the scene.”

Source: CNN