YouTube YPP wallpaper
YouTube drops the "10K" rule. Image: Broadband TV.

On April 6, YouTube announced new YouTube Partner Program (YPP) members would need at least 10,000 views before they can start profiting from ads. Moreover, the channels need to pass an evaluation to ensure their content follows the company’s guidelines.

According to the post on the organization’s creator blog, the idea is to encourage people to make quality content and detecting duplicated media at the same time.

The majority of people that commented on the blog post praised the new rule because there are too many copycats making money by stealing original ideas.

What if I don’t have 10,000 views yet? 

The new rule will only apply to new members, so nothing will change immediately. However, the new parameters could make people desist from starting a career as a YouTuber which is not necessarily bad. There is something worth mentioning about the whole process, though.

According to the new rules, a new YPP member has to reach 10,000 channel views, and once they accomplish the feat, YouTube will evaluate the content to ensure it abides by the site’s policies. That makes sense, but the announcement was rather vague on that last part of the process.

YouTube did not say if it was going to task people with the probe, or if bots would make the necessary inspection. However, it is unlikely that a group of people will go through millions of videos without dropping the ball once in a while.

That leaves potential content creators with the prospect of being tested by YouTube’s bot, and that is not very reassuring. Google has been losing ad clients because its algorithm is not working as they expected.

On Google’s side, those clients do not seem to understand how massive online marketing works and its consequences.

Source: YouTube Creators Blog