Both days of the Yellow Co. will include highly curated goodie bags, coffee, light breakfast, and refreshments, as well as a Photo Booth and other interactive activities. Image Source: Studio 404

The Yellow Conference Рreferred as Yellow Co.- continues to gather and empower creative women worldwide. This time, the event will feature a group CEOs and VPs from different enterprises telling experiences as company leaders and sharing methods to boost creativity and efficiency.

The conference will be held at The Los Angeles Art District from Thursday to Friday, August 26th and an extra day is available with the purchase of a 3-day pass on Yellow Co.’s site.

Joanna Waterfall, the founder of The Yellow Conference, had the idea for the event after meeting various business persons working to leave a good mark on the world, rather than get wealthy or famous on social media, according to a post on the website. Mrs. Waterfall has been doing the conference since 2014.

Over 500 attendees are expected at the conference

This year, the conference is divided into two days beginning this Thursday at 8:00 am.

After some introductory words, a series of sessions will take place, featuring the writer Alexis Jones, Tim Harris, Founder of Tim’s Big Heat foundation and disability advocate, painter and author, Elle Luna, and Krysta Masciale, CEO of B!G Deal Branding.

Lunchtime will follow at 12:30 pm and the first day will end with an attendee dinner at 6:30 PM.

The event also features businesspeople and male activists

The second day will also start at 8:00 am and will have various guests, such as Kirsten Dickerson, CEO of Raven+Lily, illustrator and designer, Jessica Hische, and Spoken Word Artist, Arielle Wilburn, will serve as the Emcee for the event. An evening hangout is scheduled at 5:30 pm.

Both days include highly curated goodie bags, coffee, light breakfast, and refreshments, as well as a Photo Booth and other interactive activities.

Participants can choose between four more activities to have a deeper experience

An extra third day will feature workshops where the attendee would gain more practical knowledge about the previous keynotes. It will offer different tracks designed to reach four categories of women. The leader workshop will focus on managing healthy teams to allow an organization have a higher impact, as well as helping the participant gain better influence over people.

The Solopreneur track consists of activities regarding profit and handling money in general, followed by an exposition about making Creative Services Agreements (CSA).

The Starter track focuses on using social media to design life objectives, as well as tools to jump-start a company throughout creative experiences and collaborations. Finally, an Activist workshop offers exercises aimed at finding self-purpose and measure personal impact into the world.

Regular 2-day passes are still available for $355 on The Yellow Conference’s official website. 3-day passes cost $455.

Source: The Yellow Conference