This portable silicone cooker could not only save you thousands, it could also save your life. Image: Yabul Cook

Flameless ration heaters have been known to exist for a while as they’ve been used to heat Military MRE (meals ready to eat) rations for more than just a couple of years. However, these flameless cookers have been getting popular in the external market just now. The new Mealspec Heater bag brings this style of cooking to life and lets out enough heat to cook raw fish.

That being said, this is no revolutionary concept, more like just an improved one, as another heater named Trekmates are effective in cooking basically only meals ready to eat. But, these cookers seems to have sparked a growing industry as more portable heaters such as YABUL Cook have been set out to the consumer market.

How does the Yabul Cook work?

The YABUL Cook set comes with the silicone cooking container which can be folded into a practical size that can be easily fitted into a bag or suitcase. It also includes five heat packs, five food zipper bags, and carrying bag for the cooker.

The YABUL Cook has a simple use and appears to be effective, the consumer just has to add the heat pad to the bottom of the container, then proceed to add the food in the zipper bag inside the cooker, add water and close the lid. The YABUL Cook should be steaming the food by then and the estimated time of it being finished is 10-15 minutes.

How the Yabul Cook was made

The YABUL Cook, which launched on a Kickstarter campaign passing its $10,000 goal,is light, compact and eco-friendly as it does not need fire or any other external heat source. Made out of silicone, this product is ideal for camping, traveling, or other recreational activities.

Not only are they ideal for traveling, but consumers also recommend it in case of a blackout and/or natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and others.

Created by natural energy scientist, Suseok Kim, the idea came to him after a family camping trip as they were exhausted of packing all the cooking utensils and supplies and didn’t have an easier way to carry them around as it was tiresome to carry them around. Then, the YABUL Cook was developed.

News Atlas writes, “This kind of portable heating device won’t replace flame-based camping cookers but for short outdoor missions, or backup cooking in case of natural disasters, it certainly proposes a useful alternative. The product is already at an advanced stage of production so the company estimates shipping to commence as soon as February 2018.”

Source: Mashable