How to Write an Essay for the Best Grade: Detailed Guide

During your studies, you need to write a lot of absolutely different papers. Essay writing is the most common writing task there. It is good if you have all the needed skills, creativity, inspiration and know the topic well. But what should one do if some skills are missing? The best option is to use a professional essay writing service USA, such as CustomWritings. There, you will find all that a student needs when he/she orders a paper from a reliable company:

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Free editing service, and many more things. The main idea is that if you have doubts about your writing abilities, and the paper is important, it is better to pay a specialist to do it. After receiving your paper, read it attentively to know what it is about and how it is written. Your teacher might want to ask you something, and it is better if you know what to respond to.

But if you have enough time and wish to write your essay on your own, a detailed guide will help you to do it in the best way and not miss the most important details.

Essay Writing Guide for the Best Students

Before you start writing, research the topic. If you have some materials that your teacher has recommended, start with them. It might be ok if you use them only. Sometimes, your teacher does not even expect that you will do deeper research and find more sources to study. But if you do so, it will always be regarded as a huge advantage. Proper research is the start of your paper.

Make sure you don’t leave out interesting ideas, citations, and in general everything that you can use for your paper. Write all of them down. Make your own notes if needed. If you are going to use some citations, write them down with all the needed data, such as source name, publication date and so on. Later, you might waste plenty of time when you need to make the list of used sources if you don’t have all the data by hand. By the way, on Owl, you can check how to make the list of cited sources. There are guides and examples with detailed explanations. There is nothing complicated if you just follow the instructions.

Study free samples. on, you will find a lot of them, on any topic. You don’t need to read all of them. Select those that are interesting, engaging, offer new ways to discuss the problem or whatever else. Check their structure. Pay attention to the ways the writers express their ideas. Investigate the ways to express feelings, show contrasting ideas, and similar. Write down the words that are used to connect paragraphs, ideas. All this information will be extremely useful not only for this particular case. It will help you to develop your writing skills to the expert level.

Make a plan for your paper. Even though some students believe they are super skilled to skip this step, we would not recommend doing so. Moreover, we would recommend making it as detailed as you can. It will help you to arrange your thoughts and select the most appropriate ideas and arguments for your paper.

Now, you can start writing your paper. If you have done properly all the steps described above, you will need just to expand the ideas that are already there, selected and arranged in the needed order. Some students believe that this is the easiest and most pleasant stage.

Don’t forget to proofread your paper. By the way, you can even order editing service on, and then check what mistakes you have made. However, in most cases, just proofreading is enough. Grammarly will help you to eliminate the most common errors. But there will be work for you, as well. Read the entire paper, make sure all its parts are connected, there are no abrupt changes from one idea to another, all the sentences are easy to understand and interesting to read.

After that, you can submit your essay. We believe that your teacher will be happy with the result and you will get the grade you deserve.