Withing's latest non-invasive thermometer is nothing but an improved version of the old-fashioned way to take people's body temperature, with the app convenience. Image Credit: Look For Diagnosis

Currently owned by Nokia, Withings is a company characterized by making stylish, smart watches, and a couple of health trackers like the smart scale and a blood pressure monitor. The tech company expanded its catalog today by adding a revolutionary thermometer, and Apple is the only retailer, besides Withings itself, with the launch selling rights.

Whiting’s Thermometer is small and practical. It’s entirely white except for the green sensor that measures the temperature. The gadget has a built-in digital screen that shows the information in degrees Fahrenheit although this could change when the thermometer reaches other markets in the world. In general, it looks like a little pocket lantern.

Using it could not be any simpler. People just have to press the green sensor to the temper artery and hold it for a couple of seconds. Then, the digital screen is going to show the temperature. In spite of its size, the device has 16 infra-red sensors that perform 4,000 scans which make it the most accurate thermometer in the market right now.

The health tracker is only bettered with its price. People will be able to buy it for only $100, and they will have purchase a couple of AAA batteries to get it working. Withings thermometer is already available at the Apple Store, Apple’s website, and Whiting’s website.

The Food and Drugs Administration approve it for the United States, the only country where the health tracker is already available. However, the exigent North American market could be working as a beta test for a worldwide release.

Withings backs up its hardware with an app integration

The thermometer alone is a technology marvel, but there are always people wanting more. For them, there is a phone application that can connect to the tracker via Bluetooth. Within the app, users can keep track of their temperatures adding important notes such as drastic changes or after taking medication.

The Withings app can gather the information collected by all its health tracker to create a complete medical history of the patient. Then, the company allows users to forward this information to their physicians who might be particularly practical for seniors, and it could save someone’s life in the case of an emergency.

The thermometer works regardless the age of the user so that parents can track their babies and their own temperature. Accordingly, the app has a multi-user interface which allows people to keep an individual medical record for each member of the family. Besides supporting Bluetooth, the temperature tracker can also connect to the app through a Wi-Fi network.

Even though Withings is not an independent company anymore, it seems the developing team is still working on the original projects. The non-invasive, accurate thermometer is going to be a sales hit. The Withings Body Cardio Scale is another Apple exclusive, but it is still uncertain whether Apple is going to retain that privilege after its launch.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac