iPhone 8 wireless charging concept. Image: Technobuffalo.

On Thursday, CNBC reported Apple’s iPhone 8 would feature wireless charging capabilities thanks to a Broadcom chip. The news outlet obtained a note by JP Morgan that reportedly confirmed the innovative charging mode.

The source also confirmed that the feature is coming to the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus as well. These devices will make a debut alongside the next-generation of Apple smartphones whenever the tech giant decides to unveil them.

Recent reports say Samsung is having issues meeting the demands of the Cupertino-based company, which requires thousands of OLED panels for the new iPhones. Apple loyalists also received bad news this week with the discovery of the DOK malware, which affects all existing OS X versions.

Will the iPhone 8 support Qi or PMA?

When it comes to wireless charging standards, there are only two options and an ongoing debate: Qi or PMA. There are other formats, but these two are the most well-known and adopted by industry leaders.

Technically, no significant difference sets one apart from the other except market share. Qi came first, and it is what most manufacturers and accessory makers have embraced to build in their products.

PMA, on the other hand, offers one distinctive feature in that not only it can charge your mobile device, but it can also log information about the people using the charging station. This has made it particularly popular among companies and public entities.

Some smartphones, like Samsung’s Galaxy S line since the S6, support both standards and are compatible with the majority of charging stations and accessories available out there. Next-gen products are even capable of wireless fast charging, something that is typically reserved for wired connections.

The chances are that Apple includes both chips so people can choose whatever Qi accessory they want or only charge it on the Powermat docks at airports or cafes.

Could wireless charging mean the return of the headphone jack?

The reported confirmation of wireless charging on the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and 8 has people already speculating about some redesign choices other than the full-front OLED display that is allegedly coming to this next generation.

Some people say Apple could backtrack on its decision to “courageously” get rid of the headphone jack last year, putting it back on the device, so users no longer have to choose between which function they want the Lightning port to perform.

Other reports point out the tech giant could also shift the camera arrangement from horizontal to vertical, meaning the dual cameras of the iPhone 8 would be one on top of the other instead of side to side. These rumors are based on early cases leaked on Twitter.

All in all, Apple is expected to meet the hype now more than ever, after it failed to deliver on expected revenue goals with its last quarterly report released this Thursday as well. Company shares dropped as sales numbers also fell flat or short of Wall Street estimates.

Source: CNBC