Wi-Fi Aware is a new technology that makes devices ‘aware’ of their surroundings. The new technology lets compatible devices more easily discover other gadgets, apps, and information nearby.

It’s uses are countless. It would allow you to easily find game opponents or to share files and information without having any cellular, WiFi or GPS connection.

Let’s say you install an app that shares files, you can easily initiate a Wi-Fi connection for the follow-up activity. The new technology automatically scans your surroundings to find devices that share the same interest, in this case, file sharing. WiFi Aware experiences will be app-driven and will have sharing options to ensure your privacy. You will be able to configure an app to show services on nearby devices and exchange basic information without having to connect to that device.

The Wi-Fi Alliance (a nonprofit organisation behind this project) are already catching the ear of Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and just about every other tech company. With Wi-Fi Aware, devices near each other “form clusters and exchange small messages about services available nearby, enabling immediate discovery.”

The Wi-Fi Alliance says that this new technology will eventually make its way to smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. Below is a video demonstrating how the new technology will work.