It is good news if you hold a Windows device. The WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is now available for Windows Phone users. Earlier this feature was exclusive to Android, BlackBerry and iOS users, but after yesterday’s update release Windows Phone users can join the party too.

With this new addition, the updated WhatsApp Windows Phone app allows you to have voice call over mobile data or WiFi, also known as VoIP or voice over Internet protocol.


The new updated version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone user is Apart from voice calling feature, you can also send audio files which was not possible earlier as well. This new version is available for download in the Windows app store. One thing to note here is that you can’t access 911 and other emergency service numbers using this new WhatsApp Voice Calling feature.

It has been some time since WhatsApp calling feature has been available with other mobile operating systems. Android was the first platform to receive WhatsApp Calling feature in March 2015 followed by iOS and Blackberry platforms. With Windows joining the list, all major platforms now support WhatsApp Voice Calling service; obviously without any extra cost. Although, through a support email, Windows team had earlier confirmed that they were working on the calling features, though there was no official time period kept for the release.

WhatsApp is already the most widely used instant messaging app around the globe with more than 800 million users worldwide. It is highly probable to see more similar features released in the near future. Such an update has been the app-wide search that is believed to be coming soon. Sources say that Android users are all set to receive a new update for WhatsApp that allows users to make an app-wide search which currently is limited to only finding the names of the application’s contacts. According to Android Police, this new feature will be rolled out along with the version 2.12.134.