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Thursday will mark a decade since the first generation iPhone launched in the U.S. Across generations, Apple has managed to sell over 1 billion iPhones up until today when it is still innovating both hardware and software in time for its 10th anniversary.

The iOS device was a big game-changer for the mobile industry, and particularly for its biggest rival: Google. Upon seeing the iconic smartphone, the tech giant scrapped all its plans for Android so far and started all over again.

Tables have turned now regarding user adoption, but Apple continues to make more profits from iPhone sales than Google does from Android handsets. Here is a brief retelling of the last ten years and a glimpse of what’s to come in the next generation.

Apple vs. Google: the rivalry that shaped the industry

The iPhone is responsible for singlehandedly introducing several features to the masses and opening up new markets for companies and creators. Multi-touch displays, easy-to-use software, high-quality components and design, rich applications, and ad campaigns like no other are just some of its milestones.

Google’s first Android phone hit the shelves more than one year after the first iPhone came out. In fact, the iPhone 3G debuted during the summer that same year, still months before the release of the G1 in partnership with T-Mobile.

At the time, the G1 looked nothing like the refined Android devices we see today. In fact, many would argue that the tech giant was not clear as to what it was doing since the phone had both a touchscreen and a physical keyboard that came out by sliding the screen upwards.

It was bulky and not stylish by today’s standards, but it was the start of a rapidly escalating mobile platform that would only strengthen over time through partnerships with industry leaders across the globe. Google has recently opened itself up to manufacturing under its own brand by launching the Pixel lineup.

Nowadays, Apple continues to operate under its close-end model and has highlighted its image as the ultimate smartphone for consumers. It makes more money than Google does from the same business segment, and iPhone sales represent the primary revenue stream for the company year after year.

The iPhone’s 10th anniversary could bring lots of surprises

Innovation is what fuels the intense rivalry between Apple and Google beyond numbers on quarterly reports into the realm of technological advancements. This year is set to be no different with the release of the iPhone 8 and a possible 10th-anniversary version of the iconic handset.

It is still unclear whether this will be a device separate from the traditional release in tandem or if it will be the Plus handset of the lineup. Regardless of the case, the commemorative edition of the iPhone will bring with it significant breakthroughs to the mobile industry.

Rumors say Apple will manage to accomplish what Samsung failed to do and integrate fingerprint scanning capabilities right into the display, which will also occupy the entire front panel of the phone according to reports. More processing power, better battery life, and iOS 11 are also expected of the new iPhone.

Source: CNN