What to know about Free Comic Book Day & what's coming in 2017
What to know about Free Comic Book Day & what's coming in 2017. Image credit: Coed.com.

Every year American comic book collectors, readers, and fans celebrate on the first Saturday of May the Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). The annual celebration is a promotional effort by the North American comic book industry.

The earliest publications of comic books go back as far as 1842 when The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck got printed. It was the first known American comic book. However, Famous Funnies in 1933 was the first real comic book.

Action Comics, published in 1938, featured the debut of Superman, thus creating the superhero archetype and its boom. It also marked the beginning of the golden age of comic books, which lasted until the early 1950s.

The successful era saw the inception of Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel by incoming publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Modern comic books were born and gained the widespread popularity they enjoy today.

About Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day helps increase the popularity of comic books through its three primary purposes. During that day, stores give away comic books for free to anyone who walks in.

FCBD aims to introduce everyone to the realm of printed art, bringing back former comic book readers, and thank current comic book buyers for their continued support. Somo stores even hand out tie-in movie memorabilia like mini posters.

Flying Colors Comics owner, Joe Field, saw how successful feature films based on comic book franchises were, and suggested the event in 2001 via a column in the Comics & Games Retailer magazine.

The first FCBD was held in 2002 to coincide with the premiere of the Spider-Man film. Almost every edition has corresponded with the release of a comic book-based movie. Comic book distributor Diamond organizes the event.

Free Comic Book Day 2017 will have more of everything!

Fresh out of yesterday’s National Comic Book Day, another annual comic book festivity celebrated every September 25, here’s what FCBD 2017 already got in store for comic book fans who attend on May 6, 2017.

Next week’s PREVIEWS catalog, published by Diamond, will unveil several items set to be available for the upcoming 2017 edition.

FCBD 2017 is said to have more toys and statues than ever before like exclusive figures of Wonder Woman, Old Man Logan, Iron Fist, and Marvel HeroClix’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Other features include WizKids’ promo starter packs for DC and Marvel Dice Masters as well as DC Comics and Guardians of the Galaxy metal pins.

Additionally, the FCBD Committee recommended publishers that its proposed comics have only one story with one backup, instead of anthology stories. They will choose the 50 comics to feature in 2017 on October 3.

Source: Bleeding Cool


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