Most credible rumors about the iPhone 7. Image credit: YouTube.

In the eve of Apple’s official event, tech enthusiasts, bloggers, and fans celebrate the wait is almost over. It has been an excruciating couple of months ever since the first rumors about the latest iPhone first surfaced the net.

Speculation has run amok regarding everything from the design to the specs of the next generation of iPhones. Apple will deny or confirm the world’s suspicions tomorrow at its unveiling presentation in San Francisco, California.

Apple has a wide catalog that includes the iWatch, MacBooks, and iPads. However, tonight is the iPhone’s night, and here is a little compilation of the most credible rumors about the iPhone 7.

1) Apple will drop the headphone jack for good

In what some have dubbed “the beginning of the end” for the traditional 3.5-mm headphone jack, Apple reportedly plans to ditch the audio port altogether in its new devices.

All the leaked images of alleged iPhone 7 prototypes seem to confirm this rumor, as none of them show signs of a headphone jack in the upcoming handsets.

2) The new iPhone will have 32 GB base storage

Always the trendsetter, Apple looks to raise the industry standard for storage capacity from 16 GB to 32 GB. The new iPhones will reportedly start at 32 GB of storage, doing away with the old limited 16 GB as it happened before with the 4 and 8 GB models of old.

3) The iPhone 7 will pack more RAM and a new processor

Next-generation iPhones not always change radically regarding design, but almost always include significant improvements under the hood.

The iPhone 7 will most likely pack an extra GB of RAM to make 3 GB its new standard, and it will probably include a new A10 processor by Apple.

4) Both iPhone models will have enhanced cameras

The upcoming flagship devices by Apple will sport new cameras with enhanced capabilities. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus will support optical image stabilization (OIS). This feature was previously included only in high-end iPhone models.

Furthermore, rumors suggest the iPhone 7 Plus will introduce a revolutionary new dual-lens camera. The cutting-edge optics on the larger handset will set it apart from the competition, as only a handful of Android devices have dual-lens cameras.

iPhone Dark Mode-Apple event-rumors
Apple will reportedly release the iPhone 7 Dark Mode. Image credit: Cult of Mac.

5) Apple will expand the hue of colors for the iPhone

Simple changes tend to be the most effective and Apple is acutely aware of this. The company has shown so in the past by experimenting with playful, colorful combinations for its entry-level models, and the four colors currently available for the iPhone 6.

Now, Apple is rumored to add more color options in the dark end of the spectrum, ranging from navy blue to full-fledged black. Leaked images of the alleged dark-colored iPhones make it hard to distinguish the exact tone of the aluminum casing.

6) Beats and Apple will present wireless ‘AirPods’ for the iPhone 7

The hottest rumor currently is the reported addition of wireless headphones to the new iPhone. Beats has apparently stepped in to deliver the new ‘AirPods,’ connecting with the handset through Bluetooth to serve as an audio solution.

Furthermore, both iPhone 7 models will have an optional Lighting to 3.5-mm adapter and Lighting ‘EarPods’ headphones that will use the smartphone’s only port.

7) Apple will ditch the traditional clicking Home button

According to the rumors, it is time to say goodbye to the iconic clicking Home button, as Apple could potentially drop it for a touch-sensitive design.

The new Home button will reportedly respond to pressure and gestures, possibly even featuring tracking capabilities, although that seems unlikely. It is unknown if this new button will keep supporting the fingerprint scanner as well.

Source: Mashable