Amazon’s Dash was made available last year and was a simple device that connects to the Internet, allowing users to quickly place an order with the push of a button. The old Dash would connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi and place and order through a mobile phone app.

What is the Amazon Dash Button and what can I do with it?

The new Amazon Dash, known as Amazon Web Services IoT (Internet of Things) Button, has taken the simplicity of the old Dash to an all new level.

The new button can be integrated with Amazon’s Web Services or third parties like Facebook or Twitter by the user, to perform any action that is within the limits of available API’s.

Amazon says the new AWS IoT button can be leveraged to do tasks around the house, count an inventory, control (start/stop) appliances, fire up Netflix or even hail an Uber.

How does Amazon Dash Button work?

So with the new AWS IoT Button, developers could string it to open a car, turn on your lights, start the air-conditioning or even communicate with any other smart device that is IoT compatible.

While these are achievable with digital devices like a smartphone or tablet, the new Dash button offers a physical way to interact with the virtual world, without a visible virtual platform, all boiling down to one-press commands for pre-set tasks.

There are websites and forums all over the Internet dedicated to the practical applications and development of these Dash buttons. The buttons will be made available only to developers through the Amazon website for a price of $20, while they will roll out to the public starting May 15, 2016.

What the developers do with the Dash Buttons and how they put them to better use, is left to the imagination of their own mind.