Supernatural’s last episode for the season, We Happy Few, will be airing today, Wednesday, May, 18 and we are quite confident that you are already checking the web on how to watch it. Here’s where to watch Supernatural Season 11 Episode 22 online for free.

Pay per episode

The most common way of doing this is by buying each episode from Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Play Store, or Amazon’s Instant Watch.

The bid for each episode is $3, with full high-definition packages also available. 

Buy the entire season from Amazon

The entire Season 4 of Supernatural is available on Amazon for $29.99, in HD.


Another option is Hulu, which is currently exclusively available to the US and Japanese residents, though, for $8 per month, you have complete access to a rich selection of series, including Supernatural.

Furthermore, the service provides an optional free trial period, allowing you to scrutinize its offerings before launching a paid plan, hence you should definitely give it a try.

Which of the above methods did you use to check in with the Season 11 finale of Supernatural? Let us know in the comments below.