Modern Family’s last episode for the season, Double Click, aired last night, May, 18 and it is only logical that you are already searching the web on how to watch it online in proper resolution. Here’s where to watch Modern Family Season 7 Episode 22 online in HD.

Buy the entire season from Amazon

The entire Season 7 of Modern Family is available on Amazon for $19.99, in HD.


Moreover, another solid option is Hulu, which is currently exclusively available to American and Japanese residents, though, for $8 per month, you have complete access to a rich selection of series, including Modern Family.

Furthermore, the service provides an optional free trial period, allowing you to scrutinize its offerings before initiating a paid plan, hence there is no harm in giving the service a try.

Pay per episode

Like the majority of TV series, Modern Family’s latest episode can be purchased from Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Play Store, or Amazon’s Instant Watch, so you can watch it on your iOS, Android or even Kindle device instantly.

Each episode costs $3, with full high-definition packages also available.

Which of the above methods did you use to watch the Season 7 finale of Modern Family? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.