Benedict Cumberbatch's latest appearance on Saturday Night Live got a classic parody sketch. Image Source: ComicBook Movies

The British actor Benedict Cumberbatch hosted last night’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Solange Knowles as the featured musical guest. The show was filled with appearances from unexpected guests, including the World Series winners, the Chicago Cubs.

November 5’s episode marks the last episode before Election Day week. The live comedy show has had all of its cold opens so far this season be about the ongoing Presidential Campaign. Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin play Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively.

Benedict Cumbatch follows Tom Hanks, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Margot Robbie as host of ‘Saturday Night Live’ on its 42nd season. Dave Chappelle will host next week’s episode on November 12 alongside A Tribe Called Quest.

Benedict Cumberbatch makes fun of Apple’s iconic ‘1984’ ad

One of the highlights of SNL’s last episode was the mockup ad for the Koohl Toilet, a revolutionary new toilet that allows bathroom-goers to look cool as they relieve themselves.

The piece drew inspiration from Apple’s famous ‘1984’ commercial. The ad uses a dystopian setting similar to that of the George Orwell book to symbolize society’s conformity with personal computers. The Macintosh is supposed to be a ‘life-saving’ alternative to that society.

In the case of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ the Koohl Toilet commercial is pretty much a carbon copy of the critically acclaimed Apple piece. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the savior who brings a new toilet and a new way to use it to the alienated masses in a hilarious fashion.

The Chicago Cubs stop by ‘SNL’ to celebrate their championship

Baseball fans were in for a surprise last Saturday night. The Chicago Cubs players Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, and David Ross stopped by New York City for a special appearance on the live comedy show.

The ‘Weekend Update’ host Colin Jost introduced the trio of World Series champions as the winners of a fictional version of the NBC singing contest ‘The Voice.’ The players posed as an acapella quartet, and the fourth member was no other than the legendary Bill Murray.

Murray, a lifelong Cubs fan and former cast member of SNL, broke into song with help from the Chicago Cubs to sing their official victory anthem ‘Go, Cubs, Go’ and close the sketch.

Benedict Cumberbatch and the Cubs players also starred together in the ‘Bachelorette Party’ sketch playing strippers, also featuring Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, and Aidy Bryant.

Dave Chappelle will return to television to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ right after Election Day in what promises to be a great episode. A Tribe Called Quest will provide their musical performance.

Source: YouTube