Samsung Notebook 9 image
Samsung Notebook 9 update. Image: TheUSBport.

Samsung unveiled its Notebook 9, a powerful device that features enhanced connectivity, premium display and an extra layer of security. It costs $869,00 on Amazon

This incredible notebook, 13.3-inch — at 1.8 pounds, is the lightest laptop on the market, making it extremely easy to carry and ideal for people who have a busy routine. 

It also counts with a new, refined design people can see in its new ultra-slim bezel and near edge-to-edge display.

It is also possible to recline the display 180° giving the best range of movement. That feature will help you share your pictures or presentations with other people easily.

As if this was not enough, the notebook 9 is also very durable, with a sleek single-shell structure, and Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO) Rigidity technology.

The Notebook 9 is the lightest laptop in the market

Not only is the new Samsung’s Notebook 9 a beautiful but it also offers the user high-end specifications that ensure a lot of power and performance. It is equipped with the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 Processors.

Another new feature the notebook 9 is offering is the Fast Charging Battery.  You can recharge the Samsung Notebook 9 up to its full capacity in just 80 minutes, which guarantees you 7 hours of power.

Or you can also get 2.1 hours of power in just 20 minutes. It is a great advantage when it comes to portable devices, as it gives you a more productive usage of the Notebook.

The new product works with the latest technology in USB ports, which is the USB Type-C™. This technology allows you to charge your notebook using a cell phone charger and also enables quick data transfer and connectivity to displays and other devices.

Samsung’s Notebook 9 is definitely a refined product, it includes many other features, such as Improved Security with Built-in Fingerprint Sensor, which Samsung believes to be the trend in 2017, Premium Display Technology, namely Vibrant Full-HD Display and  HDR Video. This features will certainly give you cool, Immersive Experiences.

Samsung Notebook 9 Specs

The new laptop works with Windows 10, the most recent operative system. It also counts with the processor 7TH GEN INTEL® CORE™ i7, a 15.0″, 350nit display, 256 GB of storage capacity.

It supports DDR4 dual channel, up to 8GB of RAM  memory (on board), a Bluetooth 4.1, an integrated camera of 720p, an internal dual array digital microphone, and a 1.5mm stroke.

It has a backlit, curved keycap, fingerprint sensor keyboard, and it weighs 2.17lbs. It comes in White Titan.

Source: Samsung