Uber, Volvo, XC90
Volvo's driverless XC90 will pick up Uber customers. Image credit: Volvo Cars .

The newly updated Uber Rider app is available for Android and iOS starting today, November 2, according to a post on their official blog. The release signifies a huge upgrade for Uber’s users. Worldwide availability will develop over the coming weeks.

A YouTube playlist explaining the app’s new functionalities also came out today. The new user interface will show a map showing nearby Ubers with a location search bar at the top and shortcut buttons for daily rides like Work and Home at the bottom.

“Since our last redesign in 2012, our app has become complicated and harder to navigate,” writes Yuki Yamashita, Senior Product Manager at Uber. “We rebuilt a faster, smarter rider app completely from the ground up.”

Uber launches a new app that confirms the drivers identity
Uber launches a new app that confirms the driver’s identity. Image credit: Business of Apps.

The new Rider app combines all features into a seamless display

In the new Rider app, users will now start with the ‘Where To?’ search bar to look up destinations and the pick-up location will be provided automatically, though they can ask for a new one and wait for confirmation.

After the users select the destination and pick-up locations, the app will display buttons showing the various Uber options, including choices for UberX, the luxury UberBLACK rides, and shared UberPOOL.

The app shows the total trip prices below each button and classifies them into handy categories highlighting their features like ‘Economy,’ ‘Premium,’ or ‘Extra Seats.’ Upon choosing a car, the app automatically tells the user how long until they get where they want to go.

Uber launches a selfie app to avoid identity theft.
Uber launches a selfie app to avoid identity theft. Image credit: Uber.

Shortcuts to make daily commuting easier

With the help of machine learning, the app consistently registers a user’s routine to create shortcuts, which appear at the bottom of the user interface. This feature enables users to set rides with just one tap. Yamashita noted that integration with Google Calendar for schedules would come soon as well.

Users can now in-ride features like sharing and entertainment

Waiting for the car, users can look up the driver’s information, along with their mark, model, and license plate number. They can also contact them before they get there. While traveling, they can share their ride on social networks with family and friends to keep them informed.

Other new highlights include the ability to instantly split the fare with friends, play music with access to sites like Pandora, choose after-ride locations for eating, look up the place they are going to, check for train or bus schedules, and more.

The app will deliver support for these features with the aid of other mobile apps like Foursquare, Yelp, and Transit in Google Maps. The article also announces an exclusive set of Snapchat filters that will come soon to Ride. The app also features integration with UberEATS for delivery.

Source: Uber