US – Those people who use Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) should get really very happy as the social networking service has recently removed the ‘140 characters’ limit for the direct messages. So now, users can go on and on with chatting, without thinking about how many characters are left. For those who have accessed Twitter on Wednesday for sending any direct messages must have noticed that something is missing. That ‘something’ is nothing but the character limits.

Here is what has been posted on the official blogging website on Twitter-

“While Twitter is largely a public experience, Direct Messages let you have private conversations about the memes, news, movements, and events that unfold on Twitter. Each of the hundreds of millions of Tweets sent across Twitter every day is an opportunity for you to spark a conversation about what’s happening in your world. That’s why we’ve made a number of changes to Direct Messages over the last few months. Today’s change is another big step towards making the private side of Twitter even more powerful and fun.”

While Twitter puts more stress on Direct Message and it’s no character limits, the limit for the tweets and re-tweets will still remain the same, with a 140 character limit like it was before. The announcement of the removal of 140 characters limit was made in June 2015. Coincidently, it was the same day when former CEO Dick Costolo had announced that he would step down from his current position.

Twitter has recently come out with many updates like enabling group messaging back in January this year. The networking site also allows users to get direct messages from anyone that is on the network by just checking the option under settings. With all these efforts, Twitter is focusing on increasing more business across the globe.

Currently this new update will be available for Android and iOS apps on, TweetDeck, and Twitter for Mac, but will roll out worldwide in just few days. However, Direct Messages via SMS will still have a limit. So if you want to enjoy this new update from Twitter, make sure that you are using the latest version of Twitter app on your device.