Twitter is going to break all their conventional rules of microblogging and as a first step, users will be able to add multimedia to tweets, without eating up the 140 character limit. The social networking giant announced this news through their official blog on May 24, 2016.

The company has decided to simplify the Tweeting experiences and within months, @names in replies and media attachments will not eat up your valuable characters. The company believes that this new advancement will help users to express their thoughts in the most creative manner.

According to experts, Twitter has failed to attract fresh users to its platform, and the main reason behind this is its alleged confusing nature. Through these new technical advancements, they aim to fetch more sign-ups in the coming days.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and CEO, told that he want to ensure that all the tweets from people are making sense. The @names will no longer be considered as words, and it will help you to make conversations more easier, as no more pinching is needed to ensure word limit.

With these new advancements, people will be able to tweet and retweet themselves. This allows them to resurface any of their previous posts and add new commentary whenever needed.

On the other hand, renowned analyst Brian Blau told that Twitter will not be able to solve their problems with this new makeover. The core problem behind Twitter’s fall is its failure in fetching new users, and they should stay loyal forever. In third world countries, Twitter is considered as a social media platform for the elite class, while the common man sticks on Facebook.

He added that Twitter has not addressed the fundamental problem even now.