Twitter Gives Headup on Three Major Features That May Soon Hit the Market

Twitter is seeking feedback from the general public over plans to release three new microblogging features that may hit the market soon. Or they might not even see the light of day, depending on several market and technological factors. The three major features are Trusted Friends, Facets, and Reply Language Prompts.

The Trusted Friends enables Twitter users to limit the number of people who respond to their tweets. It allows tweeters to restrict responses to their tweeters and enables tweets to be directed only at trusted friends and people with whom you share particular passions. Tweeters can choose only a group of people to see their tweets and respond to the same, even though everyone would be able to see the tweets and like or retweet them among other things.

The second Twitter feature that might see the light of day is Facets. This feature enables anyone to have two different profiles which can be used for something serious or personal. For instance, a boss could have a profile for work-related activities and another profile for casual tweets about everything under the sun. Based on this, a user can choose to follow the work profile of a celebrity or the casual profile of the celebrity-based on personal preferences.

With the Reply Language Prompts, a tweeter can create some stop-words that they do not want to feature in responses they receive to their tweets. When they set certain words or phrases they do not want to have in replies given to them, Twitter will highlight and warn responders to remove such words/phrases if they are used in responses to the given tweets.

Twitter made it clear that these three features are not ready for release just yet. They are only ideas that may or may not materialize; in fact, the features have not been fully developed yet as they remain feasible ideas. But the feedback provided by the general public will determine their implementation or cancellation.