Transforming Your Smart Car Into A Digital Office

While automobiles that lift and glide in the air have yet to exist, cars that are designed to define the future’s driving experience have arrived in the market. Although recent stats show that more people would pick an SUV over a vehicle that speaks and remembers the most replayed song on your playlist, several amazing features such as a keyless entry, touch screens, in-car virtual reality, and holographic systems demonstrates just how a smart car can be an asset. Reliable, eco-friendly, safe, and extremely quiet, here’s are some of the tech that can help turn a smart car into a digital office.

The Cruise RP-1

Although we may be years away from completely eliminating the need for a driver, this amazing device allows you to add a few self-driving features to a standard car or to a heavy or light duty pickup truck. While the Cruise RP-1 may still require someone to stay at the wheel, it can steer, brake and throttle for you while you work on your presentation as you drive on the highway. Using sensors and data, it keeps track of the lane markers as well as the cars around you to help keep you in your lane. Featuring a radar that tracks the speed of the cars around you in the highway, it maintains a safe driving distance from cars both front and back providing you with the peace of mind to drive hands-free and complete your office tasks.

Vinli Car Adapter

While turning your vehicle into a fully functional digital workplace may cost you an arm and a leg, several startups offer devices that you can simply plug into your car to convert it into a connected vehicle of tomorrow. Focused in allowing app makers to target their products to connected vehicles, Vinli offers a long list of applications that suits a host of car brands. Using hardware that lets you attach it to a vehicle’s diagnostic port, users can enjoy the perks of staying connected while on the road. By providing your car with a mobile WiFi hotspot and an App Store that lets you customize your ride with features and information you want, the VINLI car adapter can almost instantly make your smart car safer and smarter, all while making the entire driving experience more enjoyable.

Samsung’s Digital Cockpit

Along with several rotating screens and backed by 5G connectivity, the Digital Cockpit from South Korea-based manufacturer Samsung allows you to turn your full-size truck into a mobile digital office where you can also play games and watch movies on an extremely wide 49-inch screen. Outfitted with a bunch of high-resolution displays, you can perform a range of tasks that you would normally do in a conventional office space. Replacing most of the traditional installations with highly adaptive touchscreens, a set of external cameras can assist you park, all while keeping fundamental inputs such as the steering wheel, turn signals, and honking buttons. Enabled with 5G, you can easily stream content or attend video conferences while its in-cabin sensors and cameras automatically adjust the car’s scent, music, and lighting to suit the passenger’s stress levels and mood.

As the partnership between several companies that offer top-notch advanced technologies becomes stronger, the possibility of seeing technologically proficient cars that can drive themselves has never been greater. Using sensors, cameras, algorithms, and GPS, you can now easily modify your smart car and turn it into a connected, self-driving vehicle that can effortlessly handle all possible road conditions and traffic situations. Although it may not yet be as prevalent on the road, tech leaders, along with car manufacturers, are working to provide us with an ideal car that can make driving for business or pleasure fun and effortless.