Thinking of Buying a New Car? Here is Some Future Tech to Get Excited Over!

Technology continues to develop at a mind-blowing rate, machines are being updated every month and what was once cutting-edge last year is obsolete the next. Automobiles have been around since the late 1800s and they have continued to advance at an incredible rate. They are unrecognizable from their humble beginnings. Advances in automobile technology have made cars more stylish, safer, and smarter.

Here are some more futuristic inventions to get you excited over buying a new vehicle.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

If you’ve been thinking about Nimble’s quick car loans online because you wish to invest in a new vehicle, you will be excited to know that V2V communications may become standard in all cars very soon. Engineers at MIT have been working on tech that allows cars to communicate with each other when on the road. Vehicles can speak to each other and make driving on the road a much safer experience.

Car-related Fingerprints

The traditional key will be a thing of the past and new technology seeks to bring the automobile industry even further into the future. Ford was granted biometric tech in 2015 and they have been working on cars that don’t require any keys. In addition, other leading car manufacturers are also perfecting artificial intelligence and facial recognition systems. So, misplacing or losing your key will soon become a thing of the past. Many car companies are now working with leading tech giants to transform our driving experience.

Interactive Windows

Yes, you read it right. Some car companies, mainly Toyota, are looking at technology that enables car windows to be more interactive. Passengers can interact with the windows via a system that is built into the vehicle. Although this tech is in its infancy, the potential to develop it for other projects such as mapping is exciting. This technology could become incredibly useful in the future.

Air-Conditioned Seats

Heated car seats have been around for many years, most of the top models such as BMW and Mercedes use them in their cars. But did you know that air-conditioned car seats are coming to a vehicle near you?

  • The seats are made from a breathable material that allows air to flow through the seat and cool the person sitting on it. Under the cushion is multiple fans that force cool air throughout the seat cover.

Automated Vehicles

No matter how good a driver you are, humans make mistakes. We lose focus or make stupid decisions that sometimes lead to life-changing incidents. Car designers are now working on override systems that will dramatically increase road safety. Automated vehicles are taking over and governments around the world are preparing for the deployment of self-driving cars.

New technology in cars can now completely disregard a driver command if they deem them to be hazardous or unsafe. Once all the systems are in place and working effectively, we may be sitting back and doing something else with our journey.

Next Generation Airbags

Since the introduction of airbags, severe head injuries have dropped dramatically during car accidents. This technology changed the face of driving and took safety standards to a whole new level. Manufacturers like Mercedes are working on airbags that deploy outside the vehicle and help to slow the car down, taking the brunt of the impact. They are designed to double the stopping power of the vehicle, significantly reducing the force of the collision.

Smart Headlights

Although headlights and lights, in general, are essential on any vehicle, they can become a nuisance to other drivers. Many of us have commonly experienced glare from headlights while driving, an oncoming high beam can affect your vision and cause you to lose sight of the road. Another cool piece of car tech that has been developed is smart headlights. They will be able to detect oncoming traffic and automatically turn off the high beams for safety – the lights don’t turn off, but a portion of them is shaded to help the oncoming vehicle.

Night Vision

Our last cool new feature is a front-facing camera that has night vision. We all know how dangerous night driving can be, that is why engineers have developed night vision cameras to detect objects you cannot see in the dark. This technology has been around for over 15 years but when it was first introduced it didn’t take off. But the technology has taken off since then and it will save lives in the future.

That is just a small sample of some of the many cool automobile technologies that are soon to hit the market. If you plan on investing in a new vehicle, you’ll be amazed at some of the gadgets and features that now come with the latest models. All of this new tech is designed to improve your driving experience and make getting from A to B safer and more comfortable.