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Affiliate marketing, the business model where retailers defer promotional responsibilities to independent marketers in exchange for a share of the sales, is showing no signs of abating. For anyone who is considering getting into this form of e-commerce, the most important question to consider is which of the many pay per free sign-up affiliate programs to sign up to.

One area where there will always be ample opportunities for the enterprising entrepreneur is tech. Everything from new software releases to computer games, drones to apps, have the potential to hook customer interest across the board. These items can particularly tap into a younger, enthusiastic clientele who are not only keen to leap aboard the latest trends, they’ll embrace every subsequently upgraded version. It’s fair to say there are many examples which would fall into the category of top-tier tech affiliate programs, but here are five of the best of the current bunch.


Based in California and specializing in computers and their components, TigerDirect is a long-established electronics company (founded in 1985), most notable for buying out Circuit City and CompUSA. If you already blog about computer-related topics, signing up to the TigerDirect affiliate program would seem like something of a no-brainer. As well as laptops and computers, they are in the business of selling all the associated gadgetry, including printers, scanners, projectors, software, and various accessories.

How ubiquitous are their products? Look around the average office and pretty much all of the hardware or software would be typical of the units you may well find itemized within their programs. Based on the premise that an awful lot of customer is always going to be looking to purchase this IT equipment, setting out to promote these items is another sound proposition for affiliate marketing. Not only will you earn 3% commission on every sale you inspire, but TigerDirect will also supply you will online reports allowing you a real-time snapshot of what you’ve signed up to.


There will always be an argument about tending towards niche over mainstream products, but who would argue against the chance to tap into tech giants Microsoft’s sales via an affiliate program? Their version offers its marketers the opportunity to shift PCs, tablets, accessories, apps, games, music and Xboxes. Even better, Microsoft provide a gamut of promotional assistance, including hyperlinks and banners for your web pages. Given the incredible diversity of Microsoft’s products, the commission rate varies, but will generally fall between 5 to 10%.


Another rising tech organization centered on America’s west coast, Fitbit are all about wearable gadgets, such as activity trackers. Given that health, fitness and tech are on-trend global concerns, this particular corner of the IT market is predicted to be worth over $30 billion by next year. As if this wasn’t tempting enough, Fitbit over a generous 12% commission rate on every sale.

Aerix Drones

More of a niche market than Microsoft’s computer equipment, Aerix Drones is nevertheless an ideal platform for affiliate marketing. Their products are sleekly designed and in high demand from a dedicated – and growing – clientele. What’s more, they are keen to reach out to their marketers, offering 5% commission, with 30-day tracking cookies, rising to 10% after the first $1,000 of sales.


Based in Utah in the USA, BlueHost is one of the largest web hosting companies – together with various sister organizations they host over 2 million domains. Rather than commission, they offer a flat fee of $65 for each customer you refer to them. Even more impressively, they provide affiliates with a range of promotional tie-ins, such as banners, tracking functionality and reports.